It turns out that when the Federal Government invites someone in connection to an investigation, it’s not always about persecution and prosecution… at least, not in this case.

After a ‘video of the missing Chibok girls’ surfaced a few days ago, the Nigerian Army declared three people wanted. To tell you the truth, I shivered a little for those invited. But then they started drinking tea and that kind of threw me off balance.

One of those declared wanted, Ambassador Ahmed Umar Bolori, turned himself in at the Army Headquarters in Maiduguri. The next thing we see is a post on his Facebook page that reads:

“The Army is now treating me friendly and peacefully, as a nice Colonel took me to his office to drink tea.”

I expect you’ll understand my confusion now. The picture that accompanies the post displays different tea items: Ovaltine, Lipton, I even see a tin of peak milk and a bottle of peanuts. I’m inclined to think that’s not all. I’ll bet there was also bread and perhaps, Bama? Why wasn’t I invited?

Of course the Nigerian Army and Boko Haram are sensitive issues of National security, and that’s why I’ve decided to dwell on Bread and Bama. I’m not sure how the investigation will turn out for our Ambassador but right now I wish I was a person of interest in that investigation. Honestly, I could use some Ovaltine and peanuts right now. Hmmm yummy!

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