There’s been this marriage and cooking issue lingering since last week, and I want to give my priceless opinion.

Senior Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), fondly referred to as ‘Daddy GO’, advised bachelors not to get married to any ‘sister’ who cannot pray for one hour and cannot cook. That’s quite a lot to take in even by faith. In fact, while attempting to ‘clarify’ it, some members can’t seem to hide their discomfort with it.

I haven’t been married so I may not know what it means to live with someone who prays for hours (or does not), or someone who cannot cook. But I know this for sure: food is important. For the umpteenth time, my daughter will not eat noodles. There’s got to be real, good food at home always.

Since this is coming from a pastor, I’ll take it for granted that we agree here that a man is the head of the house. It is his responsibility to provide, while domestic chores at home are basically the woman’s department. That’ll help us skip all the feminism. Now, what if she cannot cook?

That would be like asking, what if he cannot provide? When churches organize marriage seminars for singles they never fail to tell the men to get a job before getting married. That isn’t emphasized on the ladies. The way they put it, if you do not have a means of income, as a man, you have no business getting married. If we agree on that, then we cannot argue that a woman’s ability to do basic house chores should be prerequisite for marriage.

I can’t really comment on the hour-long prayer because even the men ‘Daddy GO’ was addressing may not be praying that long themselves. What I cannot forget, in fact, is that, whenever my mom woke us up for morning devotion, daddy never came out. (And I intend to do the same when I have a family.) Alright, that’s it for today. Bye!

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