On Tuesday, Americans will go to the polls to choose, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who will call the shots in their country for the next four years. Somehow, this goes beyond the US and even concerns us here in Nigeria. I believe Donald Trump is a more favorable candidate to us Africans, and that is the case I’ll try to prove in this post, using three key issues that concern us directly. And, yes, these views are 100% mine.

Trump stands for stronger immigration policies which will make it more difficult for non-citizens to enter the US. I read yesterday where Professor Wole Soyinka said he’ll tear his green card should Trump win. Would that be good or bad for us? I’d say good. Today we’re going through economic recession and the way out is to ‘buy Nija, grow Nija’. If you tried to imagine what would happen if every Nigerian citizen stayed in Nigeria, traded in Nigeria and established themselves in Nigeria, you’d campaign for Donald Trump. Corruption isn’t even the cause of the recession. Stealing money in Nigeria is less dangerous to our economy than investing outside Nigeria. Let them all come back. We’ll welcome them back with open arms.

As a Democrat, Hilary Clinton supports the gay marriage, the same way the Democratic-led US government tried to force us to undo our anti-gay law. Now, this doesn’t bother me much, but I’d expect the typical Nigerians who criminalized homosexuality to support Donald Trump who’s not exactly a fan of gay marriage.
Hilary Clinton has more support for abortion than Donald Trump. Here in Africa, it’s not something we want to even hear about. Donald is opposed to abortion, unless in a case of rape, incest or risk to the mother’s life. Hilary Clinton says she’ll help any pregnant woman who wants to abort her baby do so, regardless of the age of the pregnant woman, and regardless of the stage of the pregnancy. This is a taboo in our culture. We don’t even speak of it.

There are many parts to consider, as to who will make a better president. But these directly concern us over here. With them in mind, it’s possible that if Donald Trump becomes president and successfully implements these policies, he’ll not only be making America great again… he’ll also be making Nigeria great again.

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