Let’s find out.

Earlier this week someone asked Freeze (a Cool FM presenter) on Instagram if masturbation is a sin and he said no. Well, he didn’t exactly say no with those two letters but that’s what he meant in his  reply.

In an attempt to justify masturbation, Freeze quoted a Harvard research that says it’s unhealthy for men to not regularly empty their prostate (that is, ejaculate), because it could cause prostate cancer. So Freeze says if this is true, what happens to a 35yrs old unmarried man? He has to masturbate at least 21 times a month to reduce his risk of prostate cancer by 33%, according to the Harvard research.

Now, if memory serves me, Freeze is currently separated from his wife, Opeyemi Olarinde (who, I believe, used to help him empty his prostate… by whatever means). The question now is, if Freeze believes this Harvard research,  and is separated from his wife, how then does he reduce his risk of prostate cancer? Definitely not by surgery.

Another explanation would be by ‘fornication’ (oh Freeze loves to quote from the Bible) or adultery, depending on whether or not he’s still officially married. But knowing how righteous Freeze is, and how he loves the Lord with all his heart, I don’t think he’ll fornicate or commit adultery, right, Freeze? Either way, I’m certain Freeze is doing his best to reduce his risk of prostate cancer, and masturbation appears to be his best moral and spiritual option.

Unless he’s a misleading  hypocrite, which I don’t think he is, Freeze gave the honest advice he would apply… or applies: it’s okay to jerk off. Hmmm…

Do have a great weekend, guys. Let me see how I can empty my own prostate… by surgery of course.

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