So today was something else at the office. I took someone’s car out for an errand and what happened won’t get out of my mind for a while.

It was past 2pm and I hadn’t even had breakfast. Done with the errand, I stopped by a restaurant to eat. After turning off the ignition, I made to remove my jacket so I wouldn’t be charged for it (oh believe me, that applies too). I was still struggling with my jacket when I dropped the keys and my phone on the chair,  and I was now standing outside the car.

Somehow, the door jammed and I reluctantly tried to open the door only to realize the car was locked with the keys inside. I didn’t know whether to take off my jacket or leave it on because the temperature changed to a mixture of cold and heat. The hunger left, and the color of my eyes changed. Boy, I could swear I heard the trumpet sound.

After ten minutes of confusion I called on the security nearby and, in another ten minutes, there was a small crowd of people trying to force the door open. I was sweating but still couldn’t take off the jacket. It’s now 3pm and no headway with opening the car door. I sang all the hymns in Sacred Songs and Solos, held my breath and counted downward from ten. Nothing changed.

A shabbily dressed middle-aged man who was walking by stopped and said ‘oh sorry. I know the feeling. But have you tried other car keys?’ I didn’t understand the question because I couldn’t bring myself to thinking any other car’s key could unlock this car. When I said ‘no’, the man brought out a key, inserted it and, bam! The car was unlocked. Just like that!

I didn’t know whether to begin questioning the security of the car or start with Ancient and Modern. I was relieved and the hunger instantly came back. But then, I had given the food money to the security guys who stood under that sun with me. If you haven’t been in this position, you can’t fully understand the feeling.

Anyway, that was how my day went. How was yours?


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