Three Signs

With the current evolution of things these days, it is quite hard to tell when someone is really into you. I’ll talk about the sisters’ in another post, but this one is for my beloved brothers. I’ve put together these three pointers to help you know if the lady you like likes you back. This year, you don’t have to be the only participant in your relationship. Let’s get right into it.

1. Laughing at Your Jokes. Psychology Today says laughter releases endorphins, a kind of chemical that makes us feel good about ourselves and attracts us to the person present at the time. This is a great pointer that a woman is comfortable around you. Also, Research has it that constructing humor involves a high degree of intellectual activity. That’s code for ‘dumb people don’t make jokes’. Now, This would mean that if you can make someone laugh, chances are you’re more intelligent than them. This is how a woman sees a man who makes her laugh. You don’t have to make the funniest jokes but the more she laughs, the more she likes you.

2. Baby Voice. If a woman talks like a baby when she’s with you, it probably means she has made up her mind to be with you. Women like to be pampered like a baby. It’s a way of appealing to the soft part of your senses, the love part. By so doing, they deliberately put themselves in a subordinate position to make you feel (or know) they’re all yours. Whether or not that is true, the idea is an acceptance of your superiority at that moment. And oh, we men love that, don’t we?

3. Your Opinion. When a woman seems to seek, appreciate and implement your opinion, chances are she’s all yours. It means your opinions are great (to her at least), and that would mean you’re great yourself. Wise counsels don’t come from dumb people. This is another way to play the docility card and place you as the wiser, stronger and superior one. Again, that’s a huge turn-on on both sides. You may have just hit jackpot with that.

I can’t exactly name myself an expert in social relations or whatever you might call this, but I know from experience (not necessarily personal) that these pointers are almost never wrong. Nothing serious, just helping our brothers focus their energy and resources on worthy causes.

Don’t thank me. What are friends for?


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