Since President Buhari left for his vacation in the United Kingdom, rumors of his death have only increased. For someone who is supposed to be in charge of the welfare of a nation, the death speculations among the people of that nation are troubling. To some degree, one might even successfully argue that it has graduated from a speculation to a wish. Yes, there are those who wish our president… well, you won’t hear it from me.

I’ve gathered some useful information, made consultations, and considered certain factors to arrive that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigerian is, in fact, not dead… at least not at the time of writing this. Here are the top three factors that do not support those rumors:

1. The President is a Muslim: If the information we have on our 74 year-old grandfather is anything to go by, it is wise to put these rumors to rest. The President is a very devout muslim; I’ve even seen some documentaries that call him ‘fundamentalist’, ‘extremist’, and for once, those names might just work in his favor. This is why: The Muslim tradition is to bury a person within 24hrs of his death. You might say this can be manipulated for political reasons; that is, his body can be kept hidden for longer than that; that possibility is very, very low, because, from the information we have (or have been fed) about him, his religious culture comes first to him. And don’t think he’ll be buried in the UK. That’s way out of the question.

2. A President’s Death in the UK Cannot be Hidden: These rumors have been going on for too long now. If the president was truly dead, It would be all over the UK tabloids and I don’t just mean Metro UK, the first and only media platform to strongly suggest that the President is dead. I’m talking about the BBC and major news outlets in a strong democracy where freedom of press is taken seriously. The hospital where the President reportedly went for ‘routine check up’ is in a foreign land, where his security operatives are just about a handful, and the ability to ward off journalists is very minimum. The story (not rumor) would be out a long time ago…. with proof.

3. The President left Nigeria in Good Health: There was a time President Buhari proceeded on a trip to see his ear specialist. It was announced that his trip was a medical one. Though there was a mild panic, it was not a big deal to mention the President’s health status. Now we’re told the vacation includes a stop at a hospital for a routine medical check up. A least the President did not leave the country on a stretcher. Due process was followed, the National Assembly was informed, the Vice President was put in charge, and up to his departure, The President was not suspected to be sick in any way. Unless this sickness started in the UK, and he died in the UK in under two weeks, the rumors have no substance.

Of course Bashir Ahmad didn’t pay me to put this up as you might think (although I very much wish he had). This is an independent opinion informed by reliable facts in the situation rather than rumors, speculations, or wishes.

Again, I really wish Bashir Ahmad had paid me for this post.

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