I’ve heard people talk about Big Brother Nigeria from a moral standpoint and it deeply troubles me. There are people who criticize this Reality TV Show because, according to them, it promotes immorality and adds no value to the intellectual capacity of its audience. This has gone beyond troubling. Let’s really take a look at this show.

The content on Big Brother Nigeria is rated 18+; in fact, last night, two housemates got very intimate. But then again, it is rated 18+ which means it’s for adults only. The show is cleared by the National Broadcasting Commission and approved by all necessary agencies before it could air live. There is hardly any new and reasonable argument to it.

The investors of Big Brother Nigeria are business people who present their product and hope for patronage. With clearance from relevant authorities, clients show up and an audience is built. It’s simple: if you do not like it, chang the channel. As for the content and moral standing, that has no place in business and sure as hen does not have any place in the constitution either. This is because morality defers from person to person.

There are many cable shows which display more graphic content and sexually explicit conduct. Is it illegal? No. It depends on the nature of the program and they reserve the right to display whatever content that does not violate the terms of their agreement with the authorities. Your version of morality comes right after their business. Plus, the audience, I mean the actually people that count, love it.

Please don’t say I love those sexual scenes. I couldn’t care less. Honestly, I’m not as concerned about the content displayed as I am concerned about their grammar. Yes, our Nigerians went their with their bad English and it upsets me a lot. Apart from that, it’s a great show to catch… for people who have that much time to waste. Oh yes, it’s a great show for the organizers and equally a waste of time for the viewers. Ooch! Gotta go… This Gifty character is dancing again.

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