During the Nationwide Protest today something odd happened. Even if the lyrics were sung by Beyonce that the protest was not based on political affiliations, it would be hard to convince the average Nigerian that the protesters aren’t PDP supporters and the protest isn’t against the incumbent government and party. This is why I got confused when I saw a supposed pro-government/APC person joining the protest. I’ll cut to the chase.

Her name is Moremi Ojudu, she’s the daughter of Senator Babafemi Ojudu, a Special Adviser to the one person the protest is against: President Buhari. (Before you try to be subtle about to whom the protest was directed, maybe you should read her placard again). Clearly this is a conflict of interest for her. Say what you want about the cousin of the son-in-law of Donald Trump who joined a protest against him last month, this is Africa where blood is rock solid, compared to water.

Let me take you to 2016 when the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, granted an interview to BBC Hausa radio. Different groups issued press releases about how embarrassed they were on her behalf for daring to speak against her husband’s interest. In fact, that was how we learned that our First Lady ‘belongs in the kitchen, sitting room, and the other room’ (the President’s words, not mine). That is what happens when you go against blood in this part of the world.

Anyway, I don’t blame her (either of them). From what I gather, it’s not so rosy up there these days. I mean, how could it be? We use the same depreciating currency, buy from the same retailers, and are part of the same economy. I’m guessing the President would protest against his own government if he could.

Please, DSS, that last part about the President was a joke. I can’t afford a lawyer in this recession.

Okay, bye.

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