Coco Ice

So I heard someone’s boob got sucked on the Big Brother Naija show two nights ago… Of course I have an opinion about that. What do you expect? And please pardon the language on this post. I’m rating it 18+ just like the BBNaija show itself, even though we know that doesn’t keep the minors away, right? Okay.

Everything was going smoothly on the show until someone got out her breast and offered it to someone else to… [lawd, there’s no euphemism for this] suckle. And he did. Bassey is the one who sucked and Coco Ice owns the breast. They had the truth-or-dare game on among themselves and the Bassey guy was dared to… do that. And he did. I mean, who would pass up a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to embarrass himself on live TV, right?

For the records, that was plain wrong. I didn’t watch it, though I wish I’d seen that scene so I could, you know, give my professional opinion from a clearer perspective. All I can see are pictures of Coco Ice’s [insert the b-word here] on blogs, since Youtube has taken down all the interesting videos. But it still is wrong.

First, there’s a very great chance that the lady will regret this, and soon. What am I even saying, Coco Ice happened to be the victim of yesterday’s eviction. So you see? What shall it profit a housemate to have her [insert b-word here] sucked on live TV and get evicted the following day, eh? She’s out of the house and what’s trending on the internet is her [insert b-word here].

However, one thing I will not have is the slut-shaming. It’s the worst thing that can happen in a situation like this. I’ve read and heard people talk down on Coco Ice for what happened between her and Bassey. Like two people were involved. One doesn’t have to be feminist to know that it’s not just unfair but also plain dump to criticize a person for an activity that involves two people. Give the housemates a break. If you must take the moral high road on this one, just remember, you’re watching a TV show rated 18+. We both know what that entails.

Look at me, I almost forgot to wish you a productive week.

All the best.

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