So Valentine’s Day is here and it’s just another normal day. What a disappointment! The way people talked about this day made me expect some magic… say a pink and white cloud, ribbons and roses hovering in the air and everyone just freely kissing themselves. You can imagine my frustration when my boss called me up this morning to say we’re meeting some clients very early. Excuse me ma, it’s Saint Valentine’s Day. No work, no talk, just love… pink and red love.

Now, unto reality: It’s just another day, nothing fancy. In fact, the Vice President is in town and the traffic is crazier than you would imagine. The noise from the choppers hovering doesn’t feel like love and the soot is pretty much in the air. Soot, slow traffic, and noise. That’s what we’re having for Valentine’s Day here in Port Harcourt. But then again, people always find a way to have fun, right?

If you’re one of those who have plans for tonight, I envy you a great deal. I’ll just advise you to be civil about it. Have fun and get pregnant if you can afford it. Just don’t do anything illegal because the law does not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Again, it’s just another day, no biggie. Keep it sane and decent. You’re on!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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