Kemen’s abrupt disqualification and eviction from the BBNaija house has shone a bright light on a very sensitive and extremely important topic: what’s the line between sexual harassment and subtle approval? Don’t answer that question in a hurry.

Kemen, a fitness expert is one of the housemates in the Big Brother house and so is T-Boss, a pretty girl. Just last night he, Kemen, snuck up to T-Boss while she was asleep and the only thing we can see is Kemen’s hand moving underneath a blanket he used. He is disqualified and evicted from the house hours later for sexual harassment and we’re asking if T-Boss knew and perhaps enjoyed it a little, or she was fast asleep and had absolutely no knowledge about Kemen’s activity on her body.

This is especially tricky and definitely sexist because, if T-Boss had been the one to sneak up on Kamen while he slept, people would ask ‘was he hard’? That’s the common question people ask when talking about a possible male rape victim: was he hard? If he was, then he enjoyed it and so it couldn’t have been unwanted. But we don’t have the luxury of that question in this case, so you see the dilemma.

And make no mistake about it, there’s the notion of subtle approval, where a woman doesn’t indicate consent but also makes no clear effort to reject sexual advancements. Was this the case between Kemen and T-Boss?

Gosh, my head hurts!


I’m with you on this thought. How sure are we that T Boss wasn’t enjoying the act? What if it was discussed earlier? Most of blaming the said Kemen have done worst things. My opinion, though.

Yes Tboss was sleeping but not dead to the world, bro the girl was moving , she didn’t object until when big brother brought it up she became lord spiritual dragging her father into the scenario. I felt he was making a move to know if she would consent to a lil romance cos he likes her

A lot of times, I thank God for Christianity! Some men deserve to be roasted over fire…sexual abusers and men who excuse the actions of sexual abusers!!

I’m just sorry for the guy for falling out at that point. This is just another lesson, women have in most cases be men’s downfall. He would have avoided that temptation if he knew what was coming alongside it.

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