Buhari Back in Nigeria

It’s an unfortunate reality that a President who was voted for by the majority of citizens is being hated on by the majority of citizens. It’s a bit more complex than that even, but to keep my head above water I should clearly state that the first use of ‘majority’ in this post is verified by INEC, and the second use is entirely my discretion, which, by the way is the opinion of one out of 180 million people. We will now continue…

President Buhari has been away from the country for nearly two months, during which there’s been nothing said about him but that he was dead, dying or would eventually die. Oh yes, that’s about all we read on the internet all that while. Bola Tinubu went to London to visit him and pictures flooded the internet. Photoshop trended because of that. Some even said those were old pictures.

And then we heard he started speaking to some people in the country on the phone; even, when the US White house  official Twitter handle confirmed that he spoke to United States President, Donald Trump, people still insisted something wasn’t right. These excuses went from mere speculations and rumors to actual death wishes. So that this morning we saw a video of the President at the Kaduna International Airport where he landed and was flown on a chopper to Abuja. As I write this, there are two men in a Hilux van downstairs who extremely believe the video was doctored.

I understand that it’s common for people to say hurtful things about other people out of hate . What I don’t understand is, how does it happen that someone who won the general election by a simple majority is hated so passionately by what seems to beat that simple majority? I hear more people talk bad about him than people who talk good and wish him well. But he won the election. Just how does this happen?

While I get wrapped up in the insanity that confusion brings, the truth remains that President Buhari is back. If you don’t want him as your president, you get to make that call once every four years. But the death wishes will not improve our economy… nor will it stop him from spending three weeks in Australia next month. (Okay, bad joke) But you get what I mean: the president is back and alive, get used to it.

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