Here’s a quote of Tonto Dikeh’s exact words from an interview with Mediaroomhub TV:

Women are not my problem with my husband. I’ve practically dragged someone out of my husband’s private part before, I don’t hate these women. I was once single, I’m not a saint , so they’re not my problem at all. With the love of God in my heart, I forgive them.

Brief Synopsis: After her long celebrity life of elegance, luxury and style, we started getting a version of Tonto Dikeh that was committed to love and family values. Fast forward to the era of ‘Mr X’ when we practically begged her to reveal who her lover was. But she gave no identity other than ‘Mr X’.

People made fun of it saying she wouldn’t show off her man perhaps because he was someone’s else’s man. That joke transcended comedy because, yes, he turned out to be someone else’s husband. Maybe she didn’t know. (Insert cough here)

Eventually, Mr X’s identity was revealed, as (wait for this one) Former President Olusegun Obansanjo’s son (or is it nephew?!) Don’t hold your breath: his name is Oladunni Churchill… exactly. His last name isn’t Obasanjo, and the former president happened to be conveniently absent from the marriage rites… every single one of them. However, we’ll pretend we don’t care. They got married and in less than two years, Tonto Dikeh’s Mr X actually became her Mr eX — her ex husband.

From those quoted words, we can infer that Tonto Dikeh slept with married men… not in my handwriting, please. I said ‘infer’. But read it again, this time with some more sense: my husband sleeps around… but I’m not upset with the women he sleeps with… I was once single… I am not a saint… I actually forgive them.

It should be clearer now.

This post is not to mock Tonto Dikeh just as her interview was not to embarrass her husband (that’s what she said). I’m actually looking out for our next-generation marriages.

If these words from Tonto Dikeh mean anything, you’ll understand that karma isn’t just a made-up concept to dissuade kids from being mean at the playground. It’s a reality: if you do it to others, someone else will surely do it to you.

Now, wait!

Did I say Tonto Dikeh slept with rich married men when she was single and shiny, and now that is why other single and shinier women sleep with her husband in turns? No.

I said ‘infer’.

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Marshal, you seem to deliberately court controversy with your articles. You are still a good and fun writer, nevertheless.

I assure you, Wynyfred, my research-backed opinions are not intended to… ‘court controversy’. Thanks for the compliments all the same.

Lots of people will disagree but very valid point you making,nevertheless let’s celebrate their happiness for now.

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