A certain category of people who consider themselves ‘pro-life’ say aborting a fetus is equivalent to murder. But really, is it?

I thought to myself, if abortion is murder, then so is the use of contraception, because the deliberate prevention of the emergence of life (which is what abortion is) is murder as well.

Initially, some ‘pro-life’ folks disagreed with me, but just last week, a female politician (‘pro-life’, I might add) in the United States filed a motion to punish men who have any kind of semen release outside a woman’s vagina. This, of course, includes masturbation.

The law, if it pans out, will fine men who masturbate and don’t use the semen for procreation, because, according to her, that semen could have brought forth a child.
Well, yes. That’s true.

But by extension, this also means criminalizing family planning (or planned parenthood). No sex should take place without the intent to procreate; no use of condoms, unless scientifically supervised with the intent to procreate; no pills, whether the-morning-after or the-evening-before; no implants, patches, injections or even counting of days. Those should be not only illegal but immoral… if we insist abortion is murder.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll punish women every month they let their eggs go unfertilized, because every menstrual flow is a child unborn… or a life aborted… or a murder committed.

It’s either this or we stick to the reality that abortion is not, in fact, murder.

I feel like saying ‘argue with your ancestors’, but I’m not gonna say it.


You just said it… hahaha. I support the statement but with a hedge. For me, I think when the baby has formed already and you remove it, then it’s murder but if it is still just blood, it’s not murder. But however, I view it, I just know that every form of prevention equals abortion which in turn equals murder. This issue should be aptly addressed, you know?

You’re right, Esther. Nothing draws the line between the presence and absence of life as the birth of a child. At least that’s my stance. I’ve aptly addressed my version. Do have a great Thursday.

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