For an institution in charge of our financial security, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) plays too much. And you wonder why we’re in a recession? Let’s take our eyes off the political drama in nominating its chairman for a second, and look at their twitter handle @officialefcc. It’s a joke. And I mean that quite literally.

The truth is, their comic reliefs are inappropriate and uncalled for, for an establishment responsible for eradicating financial crimes in a country of 180 million people. As a matter of fact, they have so many comic reliefs that they need a relief from their comic reliefs. You may think it’s a softener for the tension they create when fighting crime, but that’d be out of place. The tension created is not for the general public but the corrupt individuals. If those corrupt individuals are tense, it’s on them.

You may also say they’re keeping Nigerians engaged and relaxed with their constant humor. If you didn’t know before now, Lai Mohammed’s job description covers that, as the minister of Information, culture and tourism. There’s no possible explanation for the levity with which this Official EFCC handles its business.

The aim of such social media platform would be to keep the Nigerian public informed of the events of the organization on an interaction level. It’s supposed to inform and answer questions. But to think that only a government-run organization would trivialize issues of financial importance is disheartening. Fidelity Bank can’t tweet this on Valentine’s day:

Or this when someone expressed disappointment in their tweets:

There’s quite a plethora these instances of National embarrassment. It’s got to stop.


Nah, i beg to differ when you’re within the scope of brand communication you would understand the aim of EFCC’s social media exploits. Yes, some tweets are inappropriate but even the Scotland yard and the NYPD have such an engaging social media platform. As far am concerned, they are the only government agency who has tapped into social media. This way they make their approach easy and accessible.

I suppose that’s why we’re differing, Sam: the difference between brand communication and social media content management; inappropriate tweets and ridicule; accessibility and levity. I’m certain we could definitely survive without their comedy.

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