I don’t want to be the one to say Port Harcourt is not safe at night. I’ll just share a nasty experience from two nights ago.

I visited a friend at Diobu, Illoabuchi precisely. At about 8pm, on my way back, I stood just close to the new Eagle Island road. A taxi cleared for someone to alight. It was a male, average height about the age of 25-30…ish. He opened the front door and stepped out, leaving two others behind — a male and a female, both young. It turned out this guy had told the driver to open the car trunk for him to take his load.

When the driver stepped out of the car, the guy pulled a gun at him and the other male in the car took everything he could from the lady in the car… at gun point also. The lady screamed as loud as she could but it didn’t help. In about two minutes they were done and simply walked into the darkness… No, there are no street lights on Illoabuchi road.

The lady got out of the taxi and attempted a pursuit for about a second but I’m sure she figured that wasn’t a good idea as she didn’t follow them into the darkness. The taxi driver got into his car and sped off in freight, leaving the lady running up and down the street, crying for help. I would tell you from where I witnessed the rest of the incident after I saw a gun pulled out, but I don’t want to make you laugh.

The petty robbery in Port Harcourt has been incessant for a long time and I believe there are available measures to reduce it, such as installing street lights on robbery prone areas. I’ll leave the incident I witnessed at Mile one flyover for another day.

I’m a concerned Port Harcourt resident, but as I said, I don’t want to be the one to say Port Harcourt is no longer safe at night. Just be careful out there.

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