Jumia murder scene

The murder of a Jumia agent in Port Harcourt last week will, no doubt, change a lot of things about online stores and their delivery operations. As unfortunate as it is, the measures prompted by the incident must not be emotional. Here’s a summary of the incident if you missed it:

Someone placed an order on Jumia for two iPhones to be delivered to their residence on Ada George road, Port Harcourt. When the delivery man, Mr Chukwuma Eleje, got to the location, he was ambushed, beaten up and eventually killed by gun shot. The Rivers State Police command now has three suspects — two men and a woman — in custody. But that’s not the only tragedy in all this.

PUNCH quotes a Jumia official, Naze Paul, saying this will change Jumia’s mode of delivery operation. Mr Paul said “Now, before we deliver goods we will get money first. If we don’t get paid first, we will not deliver”. Apparently this is not just a tragedy for the friends and family of the bereaved. It’s also a huge setback to our innovative system and economic progress.

These online delivery services pride themselves in the option of pay-on-delivery, upon confirmation of products. So they’re bringing the store right to your doorstep, literally. You see the product, touch it, and can even change your mind about it, and they’ll return with it. It’s good for everyone. If that pay-on-delivery option is removed, this will impact negatively on the digital market.

It’s hard enough for people to do business with computers. It’s not myopia. Letting people into your private environment for product delivery is a security concern. If the pay-on-delivery package is an encouragement to customers, taking it away will be bad for business.

The fact is, very few people are willing to make payment before they see their product. Do you blame them? Of course not. Trust issues are serious issues. These courier services, however bought that trust with on their detriment. Be certain they anticipated things like this, but took the risk for the sake of business. The risk has played out negatively in this instance. However, this is not enough to derail the progress in our tech-advancement.

This should be taken as a casualty which doesn’t happen often, and not as a major game changer. Security measures should be improved, protocols tightened, but removing the pay-on-delivery-option is not an option we should seriously consider.


The solution is very easy. The safety of the delivery people should come first at all times. The business should have thought of this sort of scenario when they started the business. The delivery drivers should Only ensure they deliver at the gate and do not go into a compound for no reasons. This way the delivery drivers can certify their safety first and if they do unaware, then the company would not be held liable. Just thinking out loud. I pray for the soul of the young man snuffed out too soon.

Too bad. I know they’ve got another way. They won’t lift the ‘pay on delivery idea’. The holy spirit gives idea. I trust there’ll be a way out. Sadly, someone had to pay the price for another idea to be born. BUSINESS and its accompanying RISKS. TOO BAD

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