So Tboss could not recite the Nigerian National Anthem and everyone suddenly becomes a patriotic critic. She was dared by Debbie Rise last night, to recite the National Anthem, and she failed. This morning, “National Anthem” is trending on Twitter Nigeria, and there’s not a single tweet in support of TBoss, but here’s the truth:

The Nigerian National Anthem is an important piece of our national heritage as a people. Everyone is expected to know and be able to recite it by heart. But guess what, not everybody can. And that’s not the cause of the corruption or recession in the country .

We have no choice than to agree that not all our Governors, Ministers, Senators, House of Rep Members, etc can recite the National Anthem by heart if taken unawares, like Tboss was. While we expect every Nigerian to have it in mind, we cannot condemn a person for not getting it right the first time, when ambushed… which is what we’re doing with TBoss.

The National Anthem is just nine lines, but the chronology of those words can easily skip a person’s mind. Typically, an average person would need a moment to rehearse on their mind to get it right the first time.

Another factor is that Tboss has lived outside Nigeria, with her mom in Romania, more than she has lived in Nigeria. This doesn’t mean she’s more Romanian than Nigerian; but it should, at least, earn her more time to recollect when dared to recite the Nigerian National Anthem on National television.

Come on, guys, let’s cut the pretty girl some slack.

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