Agbani Darego got married on Saturday with just 35 people in attendance. This, I believe, answers a lot of questions about restrictions at weddings.

When you ask why couples why they want a lot of people at their wedding, they mostly say they want people to rejoice and celebrate with them. The trend of populated weddings is so strong that if you set a restriction, people will immediately assume you cannot feed many guests, and somehow people are supposed to be ashamed of that. But, really, is that necessary, feeding people at your wedding?

Agbani Darego is the first African woman to ever win the Miss World beauty pageant. She’s not just a celebrity, she can feed as many guests as would show up, but we have learned over time that the crowd at such a sacred event usually disrupts the significance and intimacy that come with the occasion. Most of the time, the crowd is made up of total strangers, or worse, enemies. There maybe nothing wrong with feeding strangers or enemies, but the chaos that usually accompanies the crowd most often stresses the couple out.

Now, you’d think that poor people would be excited about the idea of a private wedding, especially since it saves cost. Nope! They’re most likely to host the biggest weddings, owing debts lasting months after. This mentality is a tragedy.

I don’t think I need to say that success or failure in marriage has nothing to do with the magnitude of the wedding. I could mention celebrities who took their wedding to Dubai, only to dissolve it on National television two years after.

Notwithstanding, small weddings don’t necessarily guarantee happy-ever-after; but the smaller the wedding, the clearer your mind tends to be. And that’s the beginning of relative peace in marriage. Plus, you don’t get to feed a crowd of 300 strangers and enemies.

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