The internet has been flooded with pictures that show the Rivers State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr Ayodele Kumapayi, cutting female personnel’s hair, which caused heated debates on social media.

During a routine check on their parade ground yesterday morning, the Sector Commander noticed some women whose hairs were longer than recommended in the Corps. He cut the hair with his scissors by himself. Of course there are people who were quick to term this “injustice against the female gender” or “violence against women”; some say its cruelty, others just disapprove for no apparent reason. But this is not even supposed to cause a controversy.

The Federal Road Safety Corps is a “Corps”, paramilitary, and not a civilian organization. They control their jurisdiction and do not generally operate like a democracy. The one thing they cannot afford to disregard is rules and regulations on which their lives may just depend. One of those rules prohibits a person’s hair from growing lower than their collar.

For some reason, some female officers intentionally, and confidently flout this law, attaching hair extensions that fall all the way to their back. I’m certain this must have been going on for a long while before this “judgement day”. I even want to believe there would have been several warnings ignored by these officers.

Mr Kumapayi cut the hair of the female officers who flouted the rule with their hair, and it’s not out of place for him to do so. It’s discipline by a superior officer in authority. He didn’t even shave it, good for them. He merely cut it to the acceptable level in the corps; that is, literally making them follow the rule. You can’t call that an abuse of any sort.

I remember getting haircuts from my teachers at school for refusing to cut my overgrown hair… or even finger nails. You wouldn’t call this child abuse, now, would you? Reputable organizations are governed by rules and consequences attached to non-compliance of those set rules.

It’s so serious that, when a rule is not followed in a military, it’s not just the person’s life that is put in jeopardy. The entire Corps is put at risk and, by extension, national security is threatened.

There are no sides to this particular story. The defaulters, being the female officials who let their hair fall lower than necessary for purely cosmetic reasons, need to apologize and put these rebellious tendencies to a halt.


For me, I don’t know what some people call abuse on human rights. Maybe there are rights that allows people to default the laws in any organizations they belong and if punished, it becomes an abuse on their rights. For me, I totally support the disciplinary action that was the FRSC. It’s time we get used to doing things right in this country.

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