During the AY Live on Sunday night, there was a little frenzy which brings back the Kemen versus T-boss story to the internet. And I ask, what did Kemen really do?

It’s easy to throw around words like ‘sexual assault’, ‘rape’and ‘abuse’ but we need to consider some very important factors when we do. First is the fact that there are real sexual assault victims out there who can’t even speak out for themselves. When we trivialize this by screaming those deadly words, when, in fact, nothing really happened, we put survivors of these heinous crimes in emotional jeopardy.

Except there’s another video we haven’t seen, NOTHING happened between Kemem and T-Boss in the big brother house, let alone a felony like rape or sexual assault. Kemen crawled up to T-Boss who was fast asleep and tried to initiate intimacy. She woke up and turned away. Again, except there’s another order of events that night, this is unnecessarily over-beaten. Kemen has apologized for anything that might hurt anyone, T-Boss or any of the housemates and the audience, but that’s all to it.

Some of us have hastily sentenced Kemen to death in our moot courts of moral justice. Meanwhile, Kemen was evicted from the house because he went against the rules of the house. Big brother did not even mention what rule of the house Kemen broke. For all we know, it might be for not doing a chore. Very importantly, if Kemen did anything illegal, he should have been prosecuted according to the law, and he would. But he’s not because there’s absolutely no case.

Don’t misunderstand this post. Sexual intimacy has to be based on mutual consent. Anything else is wrong. But was there sexual intimacy in this case? The answer is no. Kemen initiated it but was refused. THE END! Nothing happened further. Could we all righteous judges cut the Kemen human some slack, please?

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