banky proposes

Banky W and actress Adesua Etomi have just made their engagement public and everyone’s going ‘awww’. Just before we get our hopes high up, we might want to tap the pause button on this for a while, and here’s why:

First, this is just an engagement. It doesn’t guarantee happily ever after. But let’s take for granted that Nigerians always go through with their weddings after a proposal. For some reason, nothing seems to stop us, which is exactly the reason for this caution.

These are celebrities, and Linda Ikeji will soon begin to refer to them as ‘power couple’. That’s when stuff actually begins. Yeah, my boss already gave me the ‘sadist’ look when I started writing this, but I prefer to be called that than to be right about this this theory.

These two will eventually get married and maybe have a kid as a celebrity couple. I’m not saying their marriage will crumble two years into their marriage, you thought that in your mind. What I’m saying is, we should start waiting three years after the wedding before celebrating celebrity couples in this country. The joke is getting too much.

We’re still trying to understand Mercy Aigbe and her marriage of abuse (alleged abuse), and that’s just after Tonto Dikeh’s juice dried up; I’m not even gonna mention Tiwa Savage.

It’s all glitz and glamour at the start, the wedding will be so lit, might even create new jobs and the media will be on fire, some quite literally. Two years after, someone will upload a picture on Instagram with a harsh tag that reads #SayNoToAbuse.

Again, I wish the power couple a pleasant moment and congratulate them in taking this giant step. But for all our sake, I pray I don’t have to share the link to this post in 2020 with the inscription: I TOLD YOU SO! Please prove me wrong. Please.

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Marshal, you seem to deliberately court controversy with your articles. You are still a good and fun writer, nevertheless.

I assure you, Wynyfred, my research-backed opinions are not intended to… ‘court controversy’. Thanks for the compliments all the same.

Lots of people will disagree but very valid point you making,nevertheless let’s celebrate their happiness for now.

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