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I love the CW TV series called ‘The Flash’. I also love green mangos but that is me veering off the point.

Who follows this TV series? if you do then you probably know what I am about to say next – either that or you read the title of this post but whichever way, the Savitar reveal was awesome and I do not remember the last time I ‘felt’ a show that much… I don’t even know what they are doing in this new prison break. JEEZ!

I think the reason I was so excited about the Savitar reveal is that I predicted it and since there is no official record of this prediction; you just have to take my word for it.


Well at this point I want to assume it is just future Barry and not an alternate reality Barry. For those of us who watch TV series and movies in this genre, we are probably aware of the Anakin Skywalker – Darth Vader Paradox and there is this thrill when the hero becomes the villain.

PAUSE! If you have not seen the last episode of the Flash (S03E20) then do not read this, there is a spoiler in here… That warning came a bit too late and you are already reading so…
Where was I? Yes – green mangos. Sorry, the Flash.

So when the Hero and the Villain are the same, I relate to it very well because I know we all have good and evil inside (I know I have a lot of evil inside) but we have to continually nurture the good in order not to give into ‘The Dark Side’ though I must say that the dark side is enticing – I can imagine it now but once again that is me veering from the point.

All good guys and bad guys love this kind of story because, like I said, it can be related to and we are all in that conflict at some point.
Another place we see this kind of thing was in the TV series Heroes when Hiro travels to the future to see that Peter Petrelli is a bad ass and so is he – he tells Ando that he doesn’t want to talk to his future self because his future self scares him – Now that is what I am talking about. Have you noticed that the future bad guy selves of heroes always have scars on their faces? Well Darth Vader was just burned beyond recognition but it still fits.


If you have followed the series from season 1, you would find that there have always been speedster villains and that is a nice touch however none has been as intense as Savitar. He was made to look like a god and he was so fast, mortal men could not see him move. He was painted as the baddest of the baddest and of course what made him the biggest threat was that he killed Iris and broke Barry once and for all.

At this point I would like to point out a poetic concept here. Iris is a part of the eye and I do not know enough biology to say that the iris helps us see but then again everything in the eye is supposed to make us see. So by taking out Barry’s iris (oh my gosh), he became evil as he was unable to ‘see’ (get it) the good in life.

Back to where we were! In a previous episode, we see Barry travel to the future – about 7 years into the future and he sees himself with terrible hair still sulking over Iris. And terrible-hair future Barry said he still did not know who Savitar was even though he was able to trap him in the speed force. That tells me that even at that point (7 years from now), Barry still has not become Savitar. Does this make sense?

The question then remains. At what point did Barry evolve into Savitar? (I don’t care – it is an evolution to me. Have you seen that dude’s speed?) And since we see that Barry from 2045 comes back to save kid Barry (season 1) it means that at some point he must have also gotten tired of that heavy Savitar suit and decided to go back to the red one.

All this just makes my head want to implode but I can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the show.


I am blank here. Just kidding! All this being said, I do realize I am dealing with fiction and what trips me mostly is that people can sit down (or stand I really don’t know) and create these wonderful and engaging story plots. I am a big fan of creativity and that is why I watch the kinds of genre I watch. I seriously don’t see how they are going to top this kind of bad guy in the Flash so I don’t know how season 4 will happen.

That being said, I do hope there is a season 4 and it will wow me like this one has. I can’t believe that there was a time I did not like that show. Well, that is probably because the first episode I saw was S02E01 (you should know what that means) and it didn’t catch me. I was also having some mangoes while watching it so my attention wasn’t there but once again, I am veering off the point.

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