We have a real situation on our hands here. The elected Vice President of our Federal Republic says he is being treated by the President as a son. And, guess what, he meant it as a privilege. This is the height of it, guys.

Before anyone would try to justify the statement from the fact that Mr President is older than the Vice, let us look at the age difference. The President is 74, while the Vice is 60. The difference is 14. If there exists any father who is only 14 years older than his son, it is not a thing of pride. At fourteen, it is generally agreed that a boy should not be making children as he himself is a child at the time. Why would our Vice President, no, Acting President, decide to bring this kind of imagery to the national scene?

The first question this statement brings to mind is ‘how does a father treat a son?’.

A father scolds the son when he, the father, believes it is necessary. I refuse to believe this is the case with our President and his Vice. The Vice President is an elected official, and cannot be scolded by anybody, except the people who voted him into his office. While the President may have such authority over his appointed aides, the Vice President is appointed by the same people who appointed him: the masses. They operate on the same level.

A father dictates for his son: We can’t have this is Aso Villa. Just as no one dictates for the President himself, no one dictates for the Vice President, just like the Senators and Governors. Only the people who voted them can do that.

A father compels his son to do his will. This would be a national tragedy. These are two related, yet completely independent political entities with all-round administrative autonomy. Sometimes, the Vice President may have a different view from the President, and may even be asked to break a tied vote. This sees the Vice President as political structure of its own.

A father can disown his son, but the President cannot disown his Vice. Only an expiration of his tenure can do that.

On so many levels, we can see that it is not in the country’s interest for the President and Vice to have a father-son relationship.

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