Arranged Marriage

We need to have a proper sit-down with Mrs Gloria Omereji, the Caretaker  Committee Chairperson for Emouha Local Government Area, Rivers State, about the future of its youths, seriously.

Last night, as part of ongoing activities to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Rivers State, there was a Beauty Pageant. During the question and answer segment, the contestant from Emouha LGA was asked which she’d prefer, between an arranged marriage and a love marriage, to which she replied, ‘arranged marriage’. As if that wasn’t odd enough, she went on to explain why. This was her explanation:

Why I preferred arranged marriage is that if you arrange your marriage….I preferred arranged marriage because if you arrange yourself before going into marriage definitely you’ll never face any trouble. And there will be nothing like problem. But if you don’t prepare before going into marriage, you find yourself being tired of the marriage due to the country now, you love somebody and you go into marriage and tomorrow you find out the marriage not being strong because you went to the marriage because of love.

Well, she’s right about the importance of preparing before marriage, but, on a very serious note, Mrs Gloria Omereji should be summoned to the Rivers State House of Assembly to explain this Golden Jubilee embarrassment. See the video for yourself.

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