Police Drinking On Duty

I witnessed a very disturbing scene this morning when I drove out of the office for a quick bank transaction. It was a police officer drinking on duty. I’ve learned that this may not be a very big deal to a lot of us as it may be consistent with our own version of normal, so please allow me to magnify it:

A security officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in his full uniform and with a loaded AK-47 selective fire semi-automatic, gas-operated 7.62 x 39mm assault rifle, graciously helping himself to a chilled bottle of Star Radler at ten o’ clock in the morning. Now tell me, is that anywhere near normal?

I must say that the Nigerian Police Force appears to be the most undisciplined government parastal. The worst part of it is that it seems nothing can be done about it. If you consider the fact that they have been OPENLY demanding and collecting bribe, and they are still doing so (and they will continue to do so for a very, very long time), you might give up on our system.

The police officer I saw this morning came on duty to serve and protect citizens. With an assault rifle, he starts drinking at 10am. In other words, the security becomes the threat… literally. I thought of taking a picture, but that was all I did — “thought”.  So that’s not the picture up here on this post. Come on, it is already risky to take a picture of a Police officer without a gun, don’t even consider it with one in possession of a semi-automatic rifle… and a beer in hand.

At least I could blog about it. That’s something right?


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