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The post where our content creators talk to you like stalkers and go on and on about this amazing blog


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Do you believe in reincarnation? Why not? It happens every day. Even now, this moment; the fact that you are reading this post is evidence of reincarnation.


This is the first post since Howfana decided to clean out all its content and start the site all over again (doing things very differently). We’ve got exciting new categories such as our cartoon sketches, our story series, the top instagram videos, guide posts and so much more. But the most significant changes are our outlook and our posting frequency.


We are now like those super cool weekend newspapers that my Dad used to buy. We hit you every weekend, with awesome, hot, quality content, as opposed to posting daily like many other blogs do.


And just like those weekend papers, we’ve got exciting cartoon strips, and articles that catch you up. What are we feeling like? We’re forming, ‘the-ideal-read-for-the-weekend’.


The main reason for this change is that we realized that we cannot give you the kind of quality we have to offer if we post every day. Still, it is my hope that you will find the content so impressive that you’ll be returning to it even when the weekend is over – like we did with them weekend papers.

So sink your teeth into our content and kindly tell us what you think; what else you want and what you don’t.

While we were doing all the work behind the scenes, life happened. In June of this year, I got married to the woman of my dreams. I also fell deeper in love with comic drawing which is evident in our reality cartoon sketches which we now bring to you every weekend.

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Hey, welcome to the weekend. It’s another Satuday and I’m reminded of the fact that we get married twice in Africa. This is my concern today. Why do we have to get married twice, to the same person?

I’m told the Jehovah’s Witness organization forbids that. For them it’s either the ‘traditional’ marriage’ or the ‘white’ wedding. But are they the only ones who have thought this through?

If two people want to get married, they only need the consent of their parents, and that does not have to be a ceremony on its own, goodness!

A couple should not be mandated to have more than one ceremony, which happens to be the culture here. I understand there are several others building up to the traditional wedding: the ‘knowing of family’, ‘knocking of door’, ‘collection of list’, etc. These vary according to tribe and culture, but bottom line is, they are quite a lot of trouble which can, and should, be avoided.

I’ve been part of planning in a number of weddings, and one common factor is that the couple always looks stressed and runs out of money. Let’s say this is the case in the ‘Traditional Wedding’, whereas the ‘white/church’ wedding is just a few days up ahead… Africans! Why do we have to complicate things by ourselves?

Anyway, why am I even worried? I have no intention of hosting any ‘Traditional Wedding’, but I’ll attend other people’s for the food. That’s all for now.



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Hi everybody, I am excited today and I’ll tell you why. We’re back baby. has come a long way and it wasn’t sheer luck that brought us here (I will admit I didn’t have my part all figured out and sometimes I didn’t know what the ‘frack’ I was doing), there has been a lot of hard work and determination so far and this is what I know for certain. It can only get better from here on out.

I would like to use this time to say a very big thank you those who have been loyal to the howfana cause. We have managed to, with your help, become a viral force in the blogging industry and that is no small feat. We are back to deliver even more in terms of quality. All comfort zones have been smashed and all excuses have been strangled in order for us to keep improving on our service to all who believe in us.

Howfana publishes weekly now and in one week’s worth of post, you are sure to be intrigued, entertained and informed as never before. If you thought you were addicted to our quality blog before, then you are about to become even more addicted.

So get ready for the new era of quality content on our quality blog. We’re back baby.



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