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I have often experimented with foods to see their effects on the body. You would be amazed by what you would find when you isolate some items and see what they do to the body. I certainly was.

I have slept around a lot this year. Three different houses to be exact, and that’s not counting the hotels I stayed in during my (our) honeymoon this year. All the houses I have slept in have had a mysterious mosquito problem. These buggers seem to find their way into any home, no matter how well you install nets in your windows. And then you try to murder them with insecticide and it seems…nothing … that doesn’t work too well either.

One particular night, I settled in, ready for a good night’s rest. In a few seconds, I started to hear the familiar but annoying buzzing.

I’m not taking it tonight, I tell myself.

I jump out of bed and go to the kitchen. There’s a bottle of Jack Daniels in the cabinet. I pour myself a few shots (please don’t make me say ‘tots’, because I hate that word. Doesn’t ‘tots’ mean little children?). Am I drinking because the mosquitoes have got me frustrated? No, there’s another reason why I’m drinking. Mind you, I don’t like to drink at home and I rarely drink anymore when I’m out. So, why am I drinking Jack tonight? I’ll explain.

I find it’s more effective than any of the popular medications

Two weeks earlier, I had a few shots from the same bottle of Jack because I had eaten some fish which had upset my tummy. You see, I had discovered many years ago that a few shots of Jack or any other Whiskey or Brandy has the effect of fixing minor food poisoning. I find it’s more effective than any of the popular medications, so I try to always keep a bottle at home. What’s even more interesting is that brandies and whiskies also work in reverse, by loosening up one’s system during constipation.

The night I had the fish incident, I had heard mosquitoes buzzing in our bedroom. The strange thing was that they didn’t bite me even once. I’m usually the guy who gets bitten the most whenever I am in a place that has mosquitoes. I am aware that we all have different body signatures and that mosquitoes are more drawn to some people than they are to others, so poor me.

On the night of the fish, I wondered why I wasn’t getting bit at all.

So here I am again, in the kitchen, about to pour some Jack Daniels and test out a theory. The truth is, I’ve already been curious enough to look it up online; are mosquitoes repelled by whiskey in our system? Nothing conclusive on any website, but it’s mentioned somewhere. I have always looked up stuff like this, while experimenting with my own body system.

Is there something unique about the Jack Daniels brand, or should I be testing it out with another whiskey?

I go back to the room to join my wife, whose blood must disgust mosquitoes, because they hardly ever bite her.  A couple of minutes and what is this? No bites. I hear the buzzing, but they aren’t victimizing me like they usually do. I smile, pleased that I have made another discovery.

This experiment did not work when I tried it with brandy; mosquitoes bothered me all the same. This surprised me because Whiskey, Brandy and Rum have similarities: they are distilled and also fermented (all other alcoholic beverages are either distilled or fermented).

Is there something unique about the Jack Daniels brand, or should I be testing it out with another whiskey? I can’t try it with beer because I don’t touch beer (long story), and two, research suggests that mosquitoes are attracted to beer drinkers.

It is worth stating that I have conducted several experiments like this with food and drink. It has been a bit of an obsession of mine to study the effect and properties of things we consume.

I sometimes surprise people when I tell them the value of different items in the average kitchen. I know what foods a body builder needs to consume to see rapid gains. I recently learned that certain foods trigger depression and affect our mood and memory. Yes, I know lots of weird, food related stuff.

I have had people consult me on what foods to avoid in order not to aggravate ulcers. I have even experimented with a vegetarian diet for a few years. So I have some useful experience. Has anyone else tried this? Please share your Jack Daniels experience with us.

Disclaimer: I hope that this article does not encourage anyone to abuse alcohol. This article is simply meant for anyone who is fascinated by home remedies.

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