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Hey there! Welcome to the weekend.

This week has been a challenging one for me. I find myself talking to people a lot recently, giving them advice when they’re in certain situations, and now I need to put my own advice to use.

The truth is, in life, these moments pop-up occasionally. For some it’s a little more than “pop-up occasionally”, but what matters is how you respond to them. Here are a few facts you should remember when you find yourself in a storm.

  1.  STORMS DON’T LAST. Generally, fair weather is the predominant weather. Perhaps that’s why we shake up a bit when the storm blows. If the storm was more constant, maybe we would get used to it and perhaps become immune to it. However, on this plane, storms don’t last. They come to pass, and so do our challenges. They’ll not be there forever, not even for a long time, because they’re not normal. Eventually, they will wear off. Know that and act accordingly.
  2. NEVER PANIC. When you find yourself in a fix, the worst thing you can do is panic. For real, the only person who can truly help you is you, and that you needs to be in the best of emotional and psychological state. If you have a problem, and you add panic to it, that makes two problems, because panic is a problem on its own. In fact, it’s a greater problem, more dangerous and destructive than the first problem.
  3. DON’T ADVERTISE IT. Some people believe that the more people who know about a problem, the better chances of that problem getting solved. Nope! It’s the other way around – the more you advertise it, the more it tends to escalate. Your enemies get to find out about your problems from the horse’s mouth – your own mouth. That’s firsthand information. And then the rumors begin, the distortions follow, and next thing, depressed is knocking. If a person cannot help, they should not be in the loop.

Finally, don’t break. You’re not alone in it. People have been there before you. People will be there after you. People have overcome it, and that means you can too, and you should.B

Bye for now. Take care!


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Last Sunday, the 26th of November, there was a food tasting event at Ediz Winebar and It was a nice experience. Why was it nice? Oh I am glad you asked. The reason is because howfana had just relaunched a day before and the welcome back was amazing. That made me feel like I needed to treat myself and Big Kitchen did not disappoint. Have you tried their burgers? If you are in Port Harcourt please do.

Today my mind wanders to business. I have seen them succeed and fail. With every success or failure of course there are people who would give reasons why and today I would like to point out some things I have noticed that has been at the backbone of every successful business.

INTEREST: I noticed that every successful business has everybody interested in it. When I say everybody, I do not mean everybody who patronizes the business; I mean everybody who works for the business from the MD to the janitor. Why is this point so important? Because when you are interested in something, you will do what is needed to keep improving it and that is the secret to every successful business. I bring up this point because I have read a lot of business books and they all have something to say of course. One would tell you to find something you are good at (Yeah Right), another would say you should focus on solving a problem (Uh huh), another would say you should look at what people are patronizing the most and become the best in that area (You don’t say), others would yet say ‘Hire the best in that field and build a formidable team’.

While all these are wonderful pieces of advice, we have seen that there are businesses that adhered to one or all of these and still didn’t make it in the long run. Upon deeper digging, I found that if you are interested in your business, I mean really interested, you will be

  1. Consistent
  2. Eager to improve
  3. Open to positive feedback
  4. Swift to remove anyone who is marring your brand
  5. Equipped with swift decision making
  6. Thinking in terms of upgrades
  7. Thinking past the money.

With these few points, I say to everyone who owns a business or is looking to start up, get interested in whatever you want to do. I am not calling it passion because passion is made to sound so violent and over-enthusiastic. I say get interested. Get really interested and you will be able to spot opportunities as they arise.

Have a lovely weekend

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