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Nigerians have been demanding for things like employment, better infrastructure and improved security, when all the while what they really need is statues and a Ministry of happiness. Actually, there might be something to this idea of a Happiness and Couples Purpose Fulfilment Ministry, because a lot people got a laugh – which is part of happiness.

The tithe debate has continued from week to week. And every Sunday there’s a pastor somewhere who is making a reference to this debate. On air personality, Daddy Freeze says that his position is backed by scripture and that he is sent by God. The conversation is sometimes about tithing, and sometimes it is about the personalities involved. All that some people see is a guy who has internet beefs with Bobrisky. Maybe this tithe debate will be tabled squarely when it stops being about this  controversial OAP. It’s a mystery how he expects to get through to people whom he describes as ‘sheeple’.

Atiku Abubakar featured in our cartoons last week. Since then, he has continued to be in the news. So we have decided to honor him again. If he gets offended by this, then we will appease him by starting a political party and offering him the presidential ticket.

Oh yes. Let’s not forget that Rivers State is the only state where elections are held. Here lies a state that is seriously dogged by bickering politicians. Could things get better for the state in 2018, the year before the next election year? Hmmm.

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