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The Conquerors’ Domain was just about two years in Nigeria but had managed to be a hell of a church. What made them special is the fact that they preached unity and never for once asked anybody to leave their church to join them. They started out on social media and before anyone could understand what was going on, gained serious followership. Emeka Oneku especially liked them because they never for once had an offering, tithe, or seed sowing session in any of their services – ever! And being an Enugu man, he could relate as he never liked the feeling of being asked for money.

Emeka was not a church goer but he wasn’t atheist either. He just didn’t care for such things and neither did his boss. His boss was very ambitious and would often say he would do anything necessary to achieve in life. Emeka and his boss had some things in common but their indifference towards religion made them close.

Emeka was back in Enugu after a weekend in Lagos with his boss on business. Of course he knew nothing of this particular deal but was asked to tag along so as to handle logistics and anybody who would ask his boss ‘anything for your boy?’

He was in Lagos barely an hour when a lady called him and requested a meeting. He obliged because he knew the hotel he was invited to was top class and he would have access to free booze. At the meeting, the strange lady with the strange name Leona insinuated that his boss was involved in some underhanded dealings and she didn’t have much detail except that people would die in Abuja. He believed her because he guessed his boss could kill so long as he would be rich as a result.

The story she spun didn’t sound so strange to him because his boss, Pius Anwuli had made an acquaintance in a firm all the way in Abuja and had recently started saying that he was about to be the king of the East, something was definitely up but Emeka was too carefree to ask  questions. Nothing concerned him.

The new week had been going well and it was a nice Tuesday morning. Emeka was easing into the comfort of work when his War Robots game was interrupted by a phone call from his boss and after hesistating for a while, he answered “Good morning Sir”

“Emeka it’s almost 1pm” his boss spat on the other side of he phone. ‘You  can’t seriously think we are still in morning”

“Emeka glancedat his watch and it confirmed the boss’ words “I’m sorry Sir” he corrected himself “Good Afternoon Sir”

“Ebee ka  i no?” the boss asked

“I’m at the warehouse Sir” Emeka said proudly “Clearing some cartons of Milk for Onitsha.”

“Oh okay” said his boss “hurry up and come I have bank movement for you”

“Okay Sir” Emeka was excited about bank movements because some spill over money always found their way to him.

A few minutes later, Emeka was taking a snapshot of a sheet of paper with names, account details, and amounts to be paid which his boss had handed to him. He quickly took note of the different banks so he could plan his route.

His boss had said that the accountant would give him the cash for the payments and that the driver would take him on the trip. That meant that this trip involved a lot of money and there would be no transportation left over for him to claim and after confirming N3.3million in cash, Emeka set out.

A second session of his game was interrupted by yet another phone call; this time from the number which called him back in Lagos. He never bothered to save it.

“Leona” Emeka blurted as he answered the call “Kedu ka i mere?”

“I don’t understand what that means Emeka” replied the caller “But I will answer that I am fine. How are you?”

Emeka didn’t like being asked that question by a lady. It made him feel like a child. But he didn’t want to get personal so he answered politely “I’m okay oo”

“So how far?” Said the caller.

“How far wetin?” Emeka shot back.

“Na wa o” said the caller. There was some disappointment in her voice “have you noticed anything strange around the office?” she asked.

“No ooo” Said Emeka. My boss was not in the office yesterday and he showed up this morning”

“And?” came the caller’s voice with a bit of anticipation.

“And nothing na” Emeka shot back. “I’m going to make some payments for him”

“Emeka please” the caller started. “You were the one who believed me the most when we met. Please help me sort this thing out”

“See babe” replied Emeka. “I don’t know what to do. Na just bank I dey go. Nothing else is happening here”

The other end of the line was quiet for a few seconds.

“Who are you making payments to?” Leona asked.

Emeka hesitated.

“I am not asking for amounts joor” Leona continued.

“Okay but I don’t know how it will help you” Emeka said reluctantly as he stared down at his android phone.

‘Maria Anwuli’

‘Dorcas Michael’



And then Emeka paused.

“Well is that all?” came the caller’s voice.

“The last one here is a Church account” said Emeka “Conquerors’ Domain”

“So? Does that mean anything?” Asked Leona.

“Not really sha. Just that my boss is not a church person” said Emeka.

“Okay?” Leona was obviously not following “Just keep an open eye sha. Thanks’

With that, the call ended and Leona was in no better position than when she started. How do I find out what they are planning?. She glanced down at ther phone to see unread Whatsapp messages from two contacts. One was her MD and the other was Deji. She decided to open her MD’s own first.

“Leona how are you enjoying your vacation? Fist thing tomorrow morning as you resume, remind me to prepare a cheque to Conquerors’ Domain.”

Leona read the message over and over again. Conquerors’ Domain? A church? But Alhaji is a core muslim. He gives to charity organizations but a Church? This same church?

She decided to open up the message from Deji. She was not looking forward to what it would say as she assumed he would be telling her how crazy she is.

The message didn’t say much but the words she read made her heart race.

“Leona call me.. It’s bad. It’s really bad.”

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