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As politicians begin their hustling ahead of 2019, ordinary citizens are asking themselves (whenever they wake up in the middle of the night to pee), if the only options are the PDP’s Atiku and APC’s Buhari. Could there be a viable option other than these two senior citizens?

The arrest of Innocent Chukwuma of Innoson Motors caused a media storm in the week under review. social media turned on the EFCC and on Guarantee Trust Bank for what seemed like a persecution of a national hero. I mean, we’re referring to the guy who owns Nigeria’s only car manufacturing company.  Just like the three protective dragons from Game of Thrones, Innocent Chukwuma’s own supporters came out in his defence. They were, Ndi Igbo  on Twitter, dissatisfied bank customers on Twitter, and anti-Buhari  Nigerians on Twitter.


The controversy around a hijab took over news sites, blogs and timelines for days. It’s the story of a young female lawyer who insisted on wearing her hijab underneath her lawyer wig as she attended the Call to Bar ceremony. Not only did the controversy illustrate how much you can fit under a lawyer wig, it showed how easily a story can get obscured by another. The controversy around the young lady lawyer’s dress code and her rights, eclipsed all the debates about #ENDSARS and #SUPPORTSARS. It proves once again that the internet’s attention can be diverted very easily.

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