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Behold, the list of people who trended the most in 2017, given in no particular order. Call it the ‘names of newsmakers’ if you will.  We’re looking at the names that kept coming up on blogs and timelines. Surprisingly, Evans the Kidnapper didn’t make it into the top 5. Still, he was one of the many people who made popular conversation topics in the year under review.


He stayed away from Nigeria, where he was elected President, for 103 days on medical leave, due to a secret illness. His time in the UK fueled protests and debates home and abroad. Upon his return, Buhari trended as his administration was faced with the IPOB agitation. Empty filling stations and ATMs had Nigerians calling his name in December, until his son Yusuf had a fatal bike accident.





Months after they starred in the Wedding Party, Adesua and Banky blew Nigerians away with news of a real life engagement. And after months of waiting and cheering, Nigerians got the wedding of the year; two grand events, with one holding in South Africa and enough publicity to make the Kardashians proud.





This controversial radio personality has bragging rights for taking on the church community and challenging the tithing culture. His online movement and subsequent debate got so much traction that so many popular clergymen had to address the issue. Apart from taking on revered personalities in the church, he got into a messy online feud with, singer Timi Dakolo.



Before wrapping up the year with public displays of brotherly affection, these two made the news quite a lot in 2017. Wizkid demystified the idea of a Drake feature with his song, Closer, along with other hits and features. Wizkid also managed to beat JayZ out of an international award. Musical hits and awards also fell on Davido in 2017. He had an unfortunate period where he lost three pals and his name kept coming up in the news. Before long, Davido fans were back to enjoying his hits, while watching his millionaire lifestyle.



The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra was in the news for much of the year. From his release on bail (he was granted bail on 25th April), to the continuation of his movement thereafter. There was that time when IPOB was revealed to have trained its own secet service. Photos of his followers kissing his feet made Nigerians take a closer look at his status and level of influence. Not long after that, there was a series of violent face offs involving the Nigerian Army, public disturbances, IPOB got proscribed and then strangely Nnamdi kanu seemed to disappear into thin air. The Nigerian public hasn’t gotten any explanation of what became of him.


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