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The holidays are over and whether or not the country was in recession (or out of it), we ate and drank a little more than usual. Though eating a lot gives us this satisfactory feeling which almost nothing else comes close to (I said almost), it does leave us feeling…what’s the word? Bloated. This feeling is described (by me) as always feeling like your belly has food in it even when you know you haven’t eaten. Feeling bloated most times is accompanied with some unnecessary tiredness. Needless to say this is not  a great way to feel as we go back to work.

Detoxing is something our bodies do naturally (dwell on that previous sentence the next time you are in the toilet). The thing however is that we do not let our bodies do what it is designed for in most cases because, after the holidays, some of us continue in the habit of stuffing food in there with no plans for a cleanse.

Before we move further, what are toxins? These are tiny poisons which are all around us. They are in the air and in most of the processed foods we eat. At first they are harmless but when they have remained in our system for long, the system starts to malfunction. A few symptoms of toxicity are

  • Insomnia
  • Illnesses
  • Fatigue
  • Constant headaches
  • Unnecessarily big mid-regions. (That is politically correct right?)

The point is, if you do not take care of toxins, they could cause things which could spiral out of control and after years, could even damage major organs. Detoxification makes us feel revived, light, and energetic (dwell on the last sentence when you come out of the toilet).

Really quickly, I will run through 5 ways you can safely detox your system in time to resume work and other activities which go on after the holidays.


This is a no-brainer (or so I would have thought) but I have come to realise (painfully) that  a lot of people would rather take medications than take water. This is sad and here is why.  Our bodies are made up of over 50% water and that implies that water is the primary fuel needed for us to be in optimum performance. One who consumes at least 3 liters of water everyday will not know illness (this is true). The benefits of drinking water cannot be over emphasized as water is needed to keep the brain, eyes and every other part of the body refreshed. Form a habit of taking at least 50cl of water every morning as soon as you wake up and you  will see results.


This is another great way to detoxify our bodies.  This method requires one to fast for a certain period of the day. When the body is without external food, it launches repairs on a cellular level and that is much more valuable that taking pills. For example, I personally would stay till 12pm on just water and then eat normally the rest of the day. The idea behind intermittent fasting is that you are giving your body free time to do what it does best. During intermittent fasting, one tends to shed off unwanted fats, enjoy an increase in overall bodily energy, and since detoxification is happening, one would also slow down the ageing process.


There are foods which naturally aid body detoxification. On a general note, fruits, vegetables and foods high in fibre are awesome for detoxing. If we were to get a bit more detailed, we would see that fruits are high in liquid content and ths helps your body in flushing out tiny poisons which are of no benefit to us.

Oranges and Lemons jump start the digestive tract while helping to detoxify organs like the liver to get rid of toxins. As a plus, you could squeeze a little lemon juice into the water you are drinking in the morning (this is specially effective against belly fat – slay queens that one is for you)


Personally, If I wanted to talk about breathing in detail, I would go on endlessly. Oxygen is pivotal to body function the same way water is and check it out, water is part oxygen so let’s dig in a little. Oxygen plays an important role as regards the way the body absorbs nutrients. So for starters, if you are not in the habit of taking deep breaths, then you are building up toxins for yourself.

Once a person decides to grow along the right lines, you will find breathing exercises are a part of a whole lot of things. Things such as Yoga, Karate, Singing, Exercise, Meditation etc. all emphasize the important of proper breathing. Even though breathing is a natural process, deep breathing is something most of us have forgotten. Deep breathing kick starts the lymphatic system by increasing oxygen levels and this aids in naturally detoxifying the body.


Of course this had to be here. As you exercise, blood circulates round the body and this makes the body alert and we know that an alert system is a toxin-beating machine. Exercises also help you feel better by releasing endorphins into the blood stream; when you feel good, the body is in a better position to fight diseases and flush out toxins.

The body releases toxins in different ways and sweating is one of them. So by breaking a sweat, you body is telling you one of two things:

  • It is hot and needs to cool down
  • It is getting rid of toxins

Exercising must not be running through 3rd mainland bridge at 4am. It could be a 20 minute fast –paced walk to your junction and back or a slow jog around your estate. I personally enjoy a few laps in the pool or a jump rope sequence. Whatever you choose, some sweat will help with detox.


As earlier stated, the body is designed to detox naturally. However, due to some of the ‘not so healthy’ lifestyles we have adopted, we need to help our bodies with this process. The methods outlined in this article have been tried by millions including myself and I can say that your body will thank you for adhering. Here’s to a toxin-free living.

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