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And it has begun! Welcome to 2018, and I hope you’re feeling that drive that you need in order to crush it this year. There seems to be a strong wind of motivation online and I wonder if you’re affected by it. Well, at the end of the day, life is a personal race and I hope that you have everything that concerns you, in the right perspective.

Reading and exercising will definitely be a big part of my year. I think that these two ‘resolutions’ might be all I need. That’s because of how foundational they are and how they lead to so many other great things.

I strongly encourage everyone to get on an exercise plan and stick with it. It’s going to do so much for your energy level, which as you know affects your productivity. That’s right, exercise is not really about how good you’ll look, thought that’s important. Exercise is not meant to be optional. It’s just something you do, or suffer for not doing.

Reading makes you smarter, plain and simple. If you used to have a good reading culture once upon a time, then I am sure you remember that you used to be smarter during that time in your life.

Is this a perfect time for me to segue into how you should read our unique content? I think so.

We publish new content every Saturday morning. I also encourage you to join our community simply by signing up with your email. We’d love to connect more with you, get feedback and also provide you with special offers. So sign up, why don’t you?

Happy New Year.


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Hello guys. A lady friend of mine is fond of saying “Saturdays are for weddings”. Well since I am not much for attending weddings (I don’t have so many acquaintances and a good number of the ones I have are already married) I decided to say that Saturdays are for relaxation and Saturdays are for (you better believe it).

Someone asked me a few days back “Why do you choose to publish on one day?”. Her tone implied that readers would most likely check out other blogs as against reading from ours because they had more content more frequently. My response to her was “By all means anyone can read anything they want to read and our aim is not to pull anyone out of what they read”.
We have our own set of unique readers and followers who we relate with. We have never been about gossip (even though we know this appeals to a lot of people), we are not about politics (again you would be amazed at the amount of people this topic appeals to).

What we are, is a quality blog which leaves her readers in better positions than she found them; we teach, help to improve our readers, and yes we entertain along intelligent and healthy lines.

I don’t know about you but personally I am turned off by violence and bad news so what I do is this. In my space, I remove any source of those things (that is why I watch the flash as against some news channels). Since is kind of like my space online, we have also succeeded in keeping our readers informed without all the bad news and violence that comes with information these days. If we must talk about it, we put in cartoon sketches which relay the message without activating those negative energies.

Our readers are blessed to have us and we are blessed to have them. By visiting our blog, and checking out our content, you prove that you are of a certain mindset and we appreciate you for that. We are focused and will be dishing more great content as we proceed. This year, make up your mind to rise above bad news and violence. It will be amazing what kind of new experiences you will attract.


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