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With yet another incident of killings involving herdsmen, one has to wonder if there are any plans put a stop to this trend. It seems like a perfect opportunity to name a military operation after some animal and get the operation to end this menace.

It will be hard for Nigerians to get disappointed in 2018 because the FG lowered the bar some more when they released a list of appointees into boards, a list that included people who had passed away. Seriously, what can we expect in the new year if Willy Willy is being appointed to serve our fatherland? The list had Willy Willy, and some of the Whitewalkers you see in Game of Thrones.

We didn’t have to have a trending dance in 2017. We could have managed one year without a popular dance move, but no we had to settle for the ‘One Corner’ dance. In December, I interviewed the singer behind theĀ  One Corner song, and he couldn’t really explain what the song was about to me. So anyway here’s what would happen if Spiderman was from Ghana.

Here’s a frame from a cartoon we posted in December, based on the financials of most Nigerians in the months of December and January. I wish you a good financial month in spite of all the usual challenges that January brings.

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