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I feel older today, it must be the makeup or the clothes. Perhaps its
just because I did not get enough sleep yesternight…oh yesterday was
fun.. I woke up at 7am to jog around the block, I put on my pink and
black Adidas tracksuit that Charles bought me and the Nike running shoes I had to go hungry to buy, I packed my hair in a ponytail oh and by my
hair I mean the Peruvian hair I had to pay 3 installments to own. I
picked up my ipod, iphone and Blackberry and wallet, threw it into my
already packed gym bag glanced at my reflection to make certain that my
light makeup was in place, sprayed half my Coco Chanel and rushed off.

I have jogged once round the block and have not seen him. Isn’t he
jogging this morn? Has he already jogged? Wow! This might be my last
chance to get this dude to notice me and….oh there he is… He waves
and jogs past as i put on my brightest smile….sigh…I almost love
this guy, he is not married I can see, dark, handsome tall and from his
wristwatch and fragrance, he must have some money…he likes me I can
tell…I will speak to him at the gym.

 ‘Hello Handsome, how are you?’

He looks shocked and oh nice voice too. After chatting like old friends,
he gave me his number as he was not with his phone….running home now
to prepare for our lunch date, I ping Sally, Amara and Phoenix:-) they
are happy for me after 5weeks of wanting this guy tho I neglected to
tell them I approached him but what does it matter, I just saved time.

I called him…I called him… I wonder where he will take me to, I feel the chills
already…no answer. Maybe he is busy, if I called back would it seem
desperate…but I am desperate…this day last year, I was sad and
gloomy, spending my 30th birthday alone, my mum had called to give me
“The Talk” I intended to spend this year in the loving arms of a special
man, my husband. That hasn’t happened.

 I call again…he answers, great voice but he rescheduled for
dinner…arghhh, I have to go through my closet again…it was not easy
settling for this outfit with my girls arguing on Skype.

 Dinner was great, the club was mad fun…he can dance…and yes the sex was great too… I wonder when he left…


I wonder if he remembers me, no address, no photo, only a number that wont connect and my memories…So
now am staring at myself in the mirror…I whisper happy birthday and
my phone rings… I jump at it… Oh my mum…”Another year, Another

Kamma Abassah

Watch out for a continuation of the ‘Memoir’ series. You can catch our (happily married) guest writer Kamma on Rhythm and Soul at 10 am every weekday on Rhythm 93.7 Port Harcourt, 



  1. Its amazing the lenght women go to these days to get a man to notice them and then hope that they will marry them. Desperation only forces one to take negative decisions. Live well, live possitively, live right and the right man for you choses by God shall arrive. My opinion.

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