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Toyin seemed so fulfilled yesterday. After 5 weeks, the guy finally noticed her. 

‘ kai! My life! When people want things, they position themselves to receive it. I wonder why I keep getting only old married men looking my way. Its either I am jinxed or something worse. They spend the money well but are rather boring in the sack…hmmmm  But Lanre is good both in the sack and in the shower… oh and great in the car too. Whew! I wish he wasn’t married, then we wouldn’t be sneaking about and hiding from his wife. I really love him but he is already taken. I remember how we met….

Walking out of the bank during my lunch break, I was rushing to go buy my favorite Boli and Fish when I heard a crack. I stumbled and almost fell on my face, but then I fell into the waiting arms of Lanre. I was so shaken at my near brutal fall but I  those eyes; smiling eyes, and as I gathered myself to understand what the crack was about, I stumbled right back into his arms:-)

The guard then picked up my shoe heel…omg! A broken sole? I was humiliated. I thanked him as he chatted me up, he offered me a ride which I couldn’t reject considering my shoeless state – though I doubt I would have refused, shoe or not. Unmarried and seemingly rich looking. I allowed the Mills and Boon in me to come alive.


Back at work as I eat my boli and fish, I ping Toyin, Phoenix and Amara and give them my good news. They are all delighted. My friends are soooo supportive, though I am the youngest of all four of us; I will be thirty one years in December, Toyin turned thirty one yesterday. I remember Phoenix saying “Another fine Lanre in PH City!”
We all hushed her up; always talking about herself and her mystery Lanre. They picked out my outfit for my first date.
We’ve had a few drinks now and had sex a few times. Everything is great….was great! Lanre got married four weeks after we met. We have been unofficial for five months; he told me right from the first date that he had a fiancee. I thought if he got to know me better, he would break it off with her…that never happened. I know he loves me. He tells me he wishes he met me sooner. He pays my bills and has rented this nice apartment for me – its our little nest:-) One day I will get married to my Mr Right or maybe Lanre can realise his mistake and break up with Phoenix…


Yes its Phoenix! Secretive b**ch… If she had trusted her dear friends with her man’s info, I wouldn’t be in this mess… I don’t know how she could get engaged and still hide the man. Look where over protecting her man landed us. Lanre is another issue now. With the way he spends all his extra time with me, I wonder how I will find Mr Right. Thirty one is not the end of life, I will hold on to my lovely Mr Wrong for a while and see what the tides bring. Though half bread is not better than a loaf, a bird in hand is worth more than ten in the sky.’

Kamma Abassah

Watch out for a continuation of the ‘Memoir’ series. You can catch our (happily married) guest writer Kamma on Rhythm and Soul at 10 am every weekday on Rhythm 93.7 Port Harcourt, 



  1. how Is it possible that one would get engaged and not share the good news with her friends. they are all dodgy folks

  2. Dats y phoenix hid lanre in the first place, he is not trustable and the friends are ashis.

  3. so long u continue to date mr wrong/married men, mr right will never come. If mr right meets u by accident he looks at u like one of the hugs around

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