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Great stuff on Howfana this weekend! If you’re a part of our community then you know that we publish every Saturday morning (and only on Saturday). So here comes another hot batch of content. If you are an entrepreneur make sure you check out our interview with the CEO of L’ouche, a very impressive brand. He shared some philosophies which you will find valuable.

We’re in February and I must ask, have you learned any lessons so far this year? I think it’s a good idea to count our lessons along with your blessings.

I’ve learnt that every obstacle gives way, eventually. Somewhere there’s someone who is negotiating for something and he’s considering giving up. The person he is negotiating with is considering giving in. I’ve seen it happen and I am willing to bet that you have as well.

Most people cannot withstand persistence. But it’s not just people.

Ever tried to learn a thing? Mastery is usually the result of a painful process but the subject matter or skill usually submits to our diligent persistence. That’s another thing, it has to be diligent. That means knowing when to take a step back or a break.

How about something as common as getting fit? Anyone who’s ever embarked on this knows that there’s usually a period when the results won’t seem forthcoming, then…

I suppose it’s all a matter of how badly you want a thing. Or maybe it’s more than that. Maybe it also has to do with your focus and whether or not your efforts are too divided. Remember what Billionaire Warren Buffet said:

You can’t have a baby in a month by getting nine women pregnant.

And that would lead us to the thought process you must go through before committing to a project. Can I stick with it for a long time regardless of the results I see? Is it the best application of my energy? Am I getting into it for the right reasons?

I love people who understand time. Those are the folks who respect the humble beginnings of any project. And yes those are the best folks to have as your support system when you’re embarking on something tasking.

So cheers to such folks. I hope they never give up on their own visions. Keep at yours.


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