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Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State and it exists in the southern parts of Nigeria. It is home to the ‘Ikwerre’ tribe but is populated by pretty much by people of every tribe in Nigeria. Yeah Port Harcourt is one of those places where you speak English because you really can’t tell where a person is from (Unlike Uyo –Akwa Ibom State where any stranger will walk up to you and start communicating in Ibibio not caring if you are from around there).

The southern region of Nigeria is rich in oil and as such you can find a lot of Oil companies stationed in Port Harcourt but I am not here to talk about oil, rather I have met residents of the  city and they are giving a guide to those who are planning a trip to the city of Port Harcourt and also for those who live in Port Harcourt but need some direction (get it?)

Robert is a humanitarian and teacher. He currently holds the office of Special Adviser to the Local Government Chairman of Obio Akpor on Social media. Here are his recommendations.

On Preparation:
The weather in Port Harcourt neither gets as cold or as hot as the north so if you are planning a trip, then pack light clothes. You won’t be needing a head warmer in these parts as the cold only shows up during the rainy seasons and only at night.

On Traffic:
Port Harcourt is a busy city and if you are not careful, you could get stuck in traffic. My recommendation if you are going to be on time for your appointments is to factor in a 30-minute delay due to traffic and plan your movement accordingly.


On Night life:
If you enjoy nocturnal activities such as clubbing, then you want to be around GRA. The major clubs and lounges are in that part with of town and you can find open and bubbling clubs every night. That being said, the night spots pull more crowds at the weekends.

Mary is a business woman who enjoys the city of port Harcourt. She has lived there all her life and here are her recommendations.

On Leisure:
Movie at FilmHouse: if you are looking to relax then grab a ticket and see a movie at FilmHouse cinemas. It is located inside the Port Harcourt mall and it is such a nice environment. The movie tickets are priced fairly and so are their confectioneries.

On Food and Drinks:
Bole at Shopping Centre: the shopping g centre is an area in a part of port Harcourt known as Elekahia housing estate. Even though Port Harcourt has a great Bole culture, no one does it as well as Shopping centre. Here you would find no less than twenty stands with the biggest plantains and fishes you laid your eyes on. Again, the price is fair.
Personally, I recommend going for some great palmwine in Woji. Walking the streets, you can see the sellers in barrows and the taste is great every time.

On Shopping:
I will always vote for places where I can pay for stuff without  buyer’s remorse (you know what I mean) and I find that your shopping can be done at Spar, or Livichun, or Everyday emporiums all over the city. There is nothing you could be looking for that you won’t find in these places.

Kufre is a Marine Engineer who lives in the city of Port Harcourt. She likes to have a great time when she is not on a vessel. Here are her tips.

On Leisure
Boat ride at Pleasure Park: The PH pleasure park is amazing, and you have got to go on a boat ride there. It is relaxing and fun. I would recommend you experience it with a friend or loved one but if you are someone who wants to go it alone, still fine.

On Food:

Classy meal at Jevinik: Port Harcourt has a lot of great food spots but jevinik has to be experienced. You get food you can’t finish in one sitting and the customer service is epic. You can order local and continental dishes at medium prices (not so low but definitely not exorbitant).

Chinese food at Asia Town: oh my the wasabi! Asia town and Eastern Garden are my two favorite Asian sitouts in Port Harcourt and the reason is because, all the items in their menu are always available which is more than I can say for some other Chinese restaurants. Try these places out and have that Asian feel.

On Entertainment:

Fun doesn’t come knocking at your door in Port Harcourt but if you know where to go, you will always be entertained. Every Saturday, there is an event happening somewhere in this city and you can start by checking out event centers such as Aztec Arcum, Lesukka, Glass House, The Arena to name a few. Get on Facebook and check events in Port Harcourt – you’d be amazed.

Photo credit: Bobby Rak for @rakdronevisuals

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