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Hi There. If you are like me, then you are not big on being skinny (see what I did there?) and you have dreamed of the day when you will have protein without consuming animal products. Also If you are like me, then you probably have been programmed to adore these same animal products and you know there is an addiction there. I feel your pain. Really I do.

We know that doctors ask senior citizens to reduce the amount of beef they consume and even eliminate consumption if possible… But there is that addiction I talked about seconds ago and I know it is  not easy. Be that as it may, there must be something about beef that has got the health professionals concerned but that’s besides the point; it is juicy and has got proteins which are necessary for muscle gain. I can’t help much with by the juicy aspect but when it comes to proteins, then beef is not your our only option. Here are 5  vegetables with more proteins than beef.

1. HEMP SEEDS – I am starting up strong here because there is no time to form. There are 22 amino acids in existence and the body needs all of them. The body however only produces 10 out of the 22 and the rest must come from the foods we eat.  Now hemp seeds contain 31g of protein for every 100g serving. You still don’t get it. That could. Especially to about 10g in 2 tablespoons so think about that but that is not all; they also have all 22 known amino acids. So if you know what is good for you, look for some hemp seeds and start adding them to your food.

Further more, hemp seeds contain Omega-3, Omega-6 and Magnesium. What this means is that they are also great for digestion, relaxation and blood sugar control.

2. BEANS – Now you know there are different strains of beans but irrespective of the strain, they still pack a meaner protein punch than beef.

Lima beans for example carry 14g of protein in a single serving of 1 cup(cooked). It is important to know that the recommended daily allowance for protein is calculated the following way:

0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound. This amounts to: 56 grams per day for the average sedentary man and 46 grams per day for the average sedentary woman.

Seeing that, you get to see that the more proteins you can get, the better for you and you would need to eat about 200g of beef to get your daily allowance is protein. That doesn’t sound bad right? Wrong! Because along with that 200g of beef comes 30g of fat and 374 calories… See?

3. BROCCOLI – I remember the first time I saw this vegetable. If was a cartoon and all I knew about it was that I was not supposed to like it because the child in the cartoon didn’t like them. Now I get to see that broccoli is a power food which we all need (I actually got that from the cartoon). What I wasn’t told in the cartoon was that broccoli has more protein than beef, which about 4.5 grams per 30 calories. Broccoli is also packed with amino acids, fiber, Vitamin B6 to improve your mood and is one of the best vegetables linked to fighting cancerRed meat has repeatedly been linked to cancer, so give the green ones more attention in your kitchen.

In Nigeria however, we think broccoli is hard to find but it really isn’t. You would be surprised at how it hides from you when you are not looking for it.


4. SPINACH – I used to hate this green because I thought eating it raw was best… It wasn’t.

Spinach contains 51 percent protein (about 5 grams per cup for only 30 calories). It’s also a good source of iron and Vitamin C, and offers a delicious taste that is easy to enjoy. This much-loved green is also a great source of folate, an important vitamin for women that contributes to strength, brain function, and reproductive health. Adding a couple cups of spinach to your smoothie, salad, wrap, soup, or any other way, is an easy way to sneak in 10 grams of protein into your food without the need for powder.

5. ALMONDS AND OTHER NUTS– Almonds are one of the best nuts you can find and for good reason. These bad boys pack 21g of protein per 100g serving and that is a lot. Nuts generally haev a great deal of fibre and that means you can feel full on them without having to worry about gaining weight or overall calories. Almonds and other nuts can come in different forms such as butter and oiks but which ever form you find them, the protein content is still there.

If you cannot find almonds easily, then try peanuts which have an even higher protein content (26g per 100g serving) or hazels (15g protein per 100g serving)

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