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You’ve got to be honest and aware about whom you are. And if we are being honest about Howfana, then we must admit that we have a bias towards visual art. You see our weekly cartoons, plus our first interview (after the re-launch) was with art legend, Bruce Onabrakpeya, and this week, look whom we interview; it’s the genius behind Business Day’s cartoons, those satirical pieces that brutally take on political issues as they come up.

Mike Asukwo sits down with us for an interview that would be entertaining an inspiring for anyone who loves going against the grain (again that’s us). If you have had it on your conscience that you have not followed your dream (because you’re afraid of poverty) then find out how Mike made a u-turn from a Business Administration degree to becoming one of the most respected contemporary artists in Nigeria.

We’ve also had Mike Asukwo take over our Dry Jokes/Comics section. This week,  I put my pencil away so we can enjoy some of Asukwo’s great gags. What an honor.

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Everything is made up of the same thing…
In my line of work, this is easy to understand but that may not be the case for someone else. I will endeavor to explain.

Pharrell Williams did a sing titled ‘freedom’ and in the last verse, he says ‘Atoms in the air, the sun and yes Man; are made of the same thing”. He gets it because in his line of work, he has to understand this. So let me explain.

In the computer world, everything is a code. Every website, every game, every file in your PC has been broken down to a code irrespective of how different it looks in your eyes. The PC understands that a movie file is a code that is 800MB and a word document is a code that is 112KB. It is all the same.

For someone in the music industry, all the songs ever made and all the songs that will ever be made will consists of music notes and guess what, there are just a handful of notes however, these notes have been responsible for the millions of songs we have heard so you see, it’s all the same.

Let’s look at houses in all their shapes and sizes; in Nigeria, no matter how it looks, it is made up of cement, sand, and water. I’m sure you are beginning to get it by now.
So when I say everything is made up of the same thing, I am saying that in the grand scheme of things, from the creator’s point of view, everything is made up of the same building blocks. Tesla called it ‘energy’, modern science calls it ‘atoms’, secret societies call it ‘spirit’ and in the Matrix, it was some greenish numbers on a screen. Be all that as it may, we see that it is all the same.

So what is the implication and application of this knowledge?When you activate a thought, you get in the creator’s chair and you can mold things into what you want. It will be much easier to get a car or a house when you see that they are the same thing – just coder differently.

If you still don’t get it, don’t sweat it. You will. Keep calm and enjoy today’s wonderful articles.

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