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I woke up earlier than normal this morning…it was cold and I didn’t want to get out of bed…ok I couldn’t get out of bed because I was in lazy mode…lol…

The ensemble playing on my system was soothing…all I could think about was her….she had been on my mind all day before and all through the night.

I got off the bed and hopped into my closet. My mind ran through the last time when I was all alone with her…she wasn’t with me now…sadly.

So I’m up and about…her voice on my phone…calling me, soothing my mind and body, fixing all my errors…she is all …my Everything.

These ladies on my way saying hi…They’re nice but she’s nicer. They’re good bushe’s the best. She’s my hero. The reason I live & breathe…my air.

I’ve never been picture perfect..what these people see is mainly photoshop’d.. All lies. They know my name…she knows my shame…she molds my heart.

I get into a ‘keke’ at the junction and enjoy the ride overlooking the city even with its bad road spots and litter. All added to the beauty she is to me…the sounds of children hawkers and Bible salesmen added with the blaring horns and pedestrian activity seemed to all join into a beautiful harmony that only she could give me even on a rainy day…

I step out of the ‘keke’ and decide to walk the rest of the way to her…I wanted to prepare my mind for when I meet her again. Bracing myself because I  et super carried away from reality in her presence…

I get to her place…my dudes are already seated and they point me to where I get to meet her…I’m nervous…maybe afraid even. But I go in…ready to be taken away.

So I put on the analogue set in this booth. My engineer asks me if I’m ready to go in. I nod and he checks the levels on the mixer. I’m ready.

Suddenly there’s this blast of pure pleasure soaring from the air into the systems around me. Strings…hats…winded instruments and chimes. Some loud but soft, gentle but tough…but all pleasing to hear…She is here…I can feel it now.

Finally we are together. She streams in through the wires and into my ears via my Beats head phones then through my whole body. We are one…finally…she’s my all..

They say great things take time. Its been a hard wait but here we are. Together finally. She flows through me and I’m lost in her various frequencies.

I’m lost in her embrace. I’m happy with the pain they say she brings. I don’t care  anymore. I’m home with her…my life, my love, my Music…

Nyenwe ‘Xuzia’ Sam-Woruka is an architect, song-writer, singer, producer and director. He is currently working on a mixtape he calls ‘Music = Truth’.


  1. I know this guy!!! He's my friend!! I know him very well!! Infact we're like 5 and 6(sumtymes doh)…. Am saying this now because I knw BET,Channel O,MTV,TRace and even Africa Yoruba(channel 118)….hehehehehe;will all soon ask for him…. So when that time comes you all can say;… Hey that's Molly's friend -Xuzia!!!

  2. Its not only you Ophelia (I'm only commenting cause I know him too) . I know him too. In fact I know the exact day he was talking about.
    So as he's getting popular we know we both know him.
    Thinking: does that even make sense?
    #laughing as I sip fayrouz.

  3. Can't wait for it,at last music with content, beautiful write up. Just wish I had d courage to step up to my dreams.

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