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RIP Craig Mack and RIP Stephen Hawkin, both of whom we lost this week. Researchers say that clinically, our grief for celebrities is the same as grief for someone whom we actually knew. That means that the grief for a deceased celeb is not inauthentic, we’re not ‘forming’ it.

That grief is usually enhanced by the media coverage of the death and reviews of the celeb’s life and work. All over our timelines and round the clock on CNN, we get to see it over and over again.

Unfortunately celebrities’ lives are often reduced to being inspiration for the public. They buy a Bentley and you start to think of your personal wealth ambitions. And when they get into trouble with the law you start to feel good about your own choices (that’s what the researchers say about how your mind works). So what kind of inspiration does the world get from the death of a public figure?

I believe it makes us think seriously about our own mortality. Death is a leveler and if that super human celebrity can stop living, we start to think… erm maybe we should give serious thought to our own existence. It also makes us think about our own legacies.

I won’t go further into the issue of death, or the afterlife which Hawkins said he didn’t believe in. I will simply say that if you have had a dark cloud hovering over your week because of these highly publicized deaths, you my friend are not alone or abnormal. In fact you need to be aware of your vulnerability to this issue and look after yourself. Of course you know what my suggestion would be for your entertainment and cheer, but really look after yourself now and always because as cheesy as it may sound, I care about you.

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This week I tried orering something from Jumia onlu to realize that there was no “Pay on Delivery’ option. I went ahead with the order only jto see that they would not deliver to my house. I had to go to the Puck-up Station. I couldnt help but woner why Jumia would do that but I didn’t have to think for so long.

A few months ago, a Jumia staff was killed in Port Harcourt and even though I am not much for bad news, this is relevant. Even though tere was a lot of gist surrounding the incident, the end of it is this; someone goot greedy and tried to buy what they could not afford.

Life is not a mcompetition and even though we have been saying this for years, it seems people still don’t get it. Then I look everywhere and I see motivation al speakers and Pastors preaching that you have to be unsatisfied and all that to move to the next level. What is that about?

We are allowed to aspire to be better but only after realizing that we are content and grateful for where we are.

I won’t dwell so much on the topic. Have a lovely weekend.

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