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“Baba I need this by any means possible”

Chief Dr. Segun Adesoya sat on the floor of the shrine where he had gone to seek mystical help from a shaman. His life flashed before his eyes as he contemplated what he was about to do. He thought about getting up to leave a hundred times but each time he was reminded of what was at stake.

I can’t lose 120 million naira just like that he thought to himself. My wife doesn’t know what I have done and I can’t let her find out. I know I have been a law-abiding, God-loving person all my life but this is too much for me to leave to chance. ‘Dr Shege’ as he was called by his friends was used to the lavish lifestyle. He wasn’t wasteful or ostentatious but he took care of himself and you could tell he had money just by looking at him. He had worked hard to be wealthy and being a medical doctor, once in a while he had to perform some ‘coded’ operations for some people and that also helped him pay for his family vacations. He was used to being very comfortable but tonight was different. He had parked his Lexus at a different location as instructed; he had walked exactly 330 steps to the place where he now sat. He stared at the dingy room and finally down at his watch which told him he had been out too long. To make matters a bit more uncomfortable, he was not alone on the floor of the Juju man’s reception.

He hadn’t gotten to see the ‘Baba’ yet but he was assured that his turn would come. His eyes scanned the other people seated on the same floor as him. He couldn’t help but wonder what brought them there and of course he couldn’t begin to get social; it was somehow.

Segun looked up as he heard his name and he could not believe his eyes.
“Pastor?” he responded a bit too quickly; he couldn’t hide his shock that a man of God had any business in a Shrine such as this in the middle of Ogun State.

The two men exchanged looks and the Pastor nodded and walked by. He was obviously through with this own session. Segun was shocked but he imagined that his pastor must have been as shocked as he was to see him there. He looked back towards the door just in time to catch the pastor opening it and leaving. What was strange was that he left the room walking backwards. Segun had no idea how strange things were going to get from now on but the uneasy feeling in his stomach gave him a soft clue.

What am I about to get myself into? He asked himself inwardly but this was no time to reconsider his decision.

As Segun sat there thinking about his life, he remembered what his friend and confidant had told him barely a month ago. “Baba Idris will be of help to you. Don’t you worry. He helped me grow this company to what you are seeing and he has been helping others. You just have to be willing to do whatever it takes and whatever he says. Good Luck Segun”.
Good luck indeed; I am going to need it.

Segun was still absorbed in thought when he looked up to see a girl standing in front of him; she was no more than eighteen years old. She had some chalk patterns on her face and all she wore was a wrapper which covered her chest down to her mid-thighs.

“Baba will see you now” She said and with that she walked away.
Segun knew well to follow her as he understood that he had just been invited to the inner chambers for his long-awaited meeting.

He was led through a hallway decorated in gold linen and it felt like he was being taken to another world.  The new room in which he entered was much bigger than the first one where he sat. The air was smoky but the place smelled nice all the same. There were women at every turn and some of them had no clothes on. Some caught his gaze and smiled, others didn’t care.
Segun surveyed the room and though he felt guilty to admit it, he was feeling a lot less tense. Finally he got to him.

“You feel as though you are doing something wrong by being here” The Shaman spoke. His voice was coarse but inviting. He was clearly educated because his English was impeccable. “Sit down Segun”
Segun looked at the ground and of course there was no chair so he went back to the position he had become used to in the past three hours. As he sat, the shaman continued.

“The mystic arts are not a bad thing Segun. Mysticism is science that hasn’t been discovered yet” With that the Shaman looked straight into Segun’s eyes. “Do you agree Segun?”
Segun was silent for a while. He didn’t know if this was a trick question. Of course he had no proof of anything mystical. He was born a Muslim and later converted to Christianity because of his wife. He had lived a good life and he never cared for any strange supernatural presence or powers. Segun didn’t respond.

“I know what you want Segun” The shaman spoke a little louder this time. Segun stared around uneasily.
“I know what you want and I know what you have to do to get it Segun” The shaman continued. Why is he saying my name so much? Segun thought to himself. The shaman looked at him as though he could hear Segun’s thoughts but he continued talking nonetheless.

“What you want is not big but you think it is. You would have to manipulate energies in order to get it. You would need to become a different version of yourself. You will do things you thought were inhumane and if you are not ready for it, you will lose yourself before you get it”. The shaman paused, and then signaled to a naked lady who came and sat beside him. She handed the shaman a cup which was covered. The cup was a wooden antique and as the shaman held the cup in his hands, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Before we continue, ” The shaman said; his eyes still closed. “I need to hear you say what you desire as soon as I open this cup”. Segun felt his heart collapse behind his chest. This was the biggest ambition he had ever had and he was willing to do whatever it took to make it real.

“You must say it with authority and will all the positivity you can muster” The shaman said as he slowly opened the cup.
Segun stared at the smoke which came out of the cup and he knew he had to voice it. Your dream has got to scare you if it is worthy of anything.

Segun stared into the white smoke; the shaman’s eyes still closed; the naked lady’s gaze locked on his as his gaze locked to the smoke. Segun opened his mouth as he said it boldly.

“I want to be President of Nigeria come 2019.”



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