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Murder is not a big deal Segun. Of course if your mind believes it is a big deal, then that is what it will be…


“Pastor, my husband has not been himself for about a week now”
Toyin Adesoya sat in their family Pastor’s office and expressed her concern towards her husband’s wellbeing. “About a week ago, he came home unusually late and he didn’t say a word to me as he passed me in the parlor”. Toyin tried not to be distracted by the beauty of the office she found herself. She was impressed at how much God had opened the way for her Pastor and given him such a prestigious position in the Country. She was grateful that her family still had access to him in this point of his life.

“What else has been strange about his behaviour after that?” The Pastor asked calmly while stroking his scanty greying beard.
“Oh well” Toyin thought for a bit before continuing. “He has been excessively quiet. I feel he is worried about something and he won’t open up to me”.

Toyin paused. “I mean if you don’t know him, you would think he is just quiet but I know my husband; something is wrong and I feel it started that night”.

The Pastor breathed a deep sigh and asked “Have you tried talking to him?”
“Of course I have Pastor” Toyin answered quickly “I have tried to enquire but he assures me all is well; he says work and business decisions are on his mind”.

“Then perhaps that is it” The pastor tried to be persuasive with his conclusion
“You may be right pastor; but my gut feeling…” Toyin paused again.
“I will ask him about it and I will pray on it as well” The pastor spoke with assurance in his voice “All will be fine Toyin”.
“Thank you pastor” Toyin said with a sigh of relief. She stood up to leave as they said their goodbyes. As soon as the door shut behind her and the pastor was alone. He picked up his phone and dialled.
The Pastor’s phone call was met by an answering machine which let the Pastor know that the caller on the other side was unable to get to the phone at that time so he had to leave a message.
“Segun is going to mess this up for all of us” The Pastor said to the answering machine; there was some worry in his voice “Talk to him”.

“Segun is going to mess this up for all of us”


In his hospital office, Dr Segun thought some more about his meeting one week ago with Baba Idris.
“I want to be President of Nigeria come 2019” Segun said while staring at a strange smoke which emanated from an even stranger cup.
“Yes you do don’t you?” baba Idris replied with his eyes still shut and breathing deeply. “Are you willing to do whatever it takes in order to accomplish this?”
“Yes I am” Segun replied with all the resolve he could find. “Yes baba I am willing”
“Good” Said baba Idris as he opened his eyes. He looked to his right hand side where the naked lady sat and she immediately stood up, collected the cup, covered it and left.

“To progress Segun, I will need energy and you have to get me some soon”. Baba Idris was looking straight into Segun’s eyes as he spoke.
“I don’t understand Baba” Segun said. “Energy?”
“Murder is not a big deal Segun” The Shaman started. “Of course if your mind believes it is a big deal, then that is what it will be. You see there is a science behind these things. Everything is made up of energy and now you need to have more energy than you have ever had in order to accomplish your goal. Energy can never be created or destroyed; it can only change form and that is what you will do. You have to convert the energy that powers other human bodies and use that energy to further your goal”

Segun shook in his seat. He felt the sweat drip down his face and his jaws tighten. “You want me to kill someone?” He asked with his eyes wide open.
“You don’t have to kill Segun” Baba Idris said. “To generate such energy, you could kill one person or you could feed five thousand” He paused; his eyes still locked to Segun’s. “Can you feed five thousand people?”

Segun was brought back to his office by a phone call which, on looking at the screen. He had to answer.
“Chris” Segun started “What’s up?” The remainder of the call was inaudible from the other side but it was obvious on Segun’s face that he was incredibly upset by the words he was hearing. Segun held the phone up to his ear for about three minutes before finally speaking again.
“Chris there is no reason to shout” Segun was angry. “I told you I have done the transfer why won’t you believe me?”
The caller continued talking but Segun cut him “Fine I am coming to the bank NOW!” With that he ended the call and stormed out of his office not saying a word to either his secretary or driver who were surprised to see him leave like that.

To generate such energy, you could kill one person or you could feed five thousand. Can you feed five thousand people?


Toyin Adesoya collapsed into her parlour chair as she heard it. “My husband can’t be dead” she said to his driver as he delivered the terrible news.
“Ma please you need to come with us to the hospital to claim the body”
Toyin didn’t realize that an associate doctor had accompanied Segun’s driver to the house. She remained silent.
“It’s protocol Ma” The doctor continued. “Please Ma you need to come. I will explain what happened on the way”.


Toyin Adesoya staggered into the hospital where her husband was a partner. She couldn’t believe she would be coming in here to claim his body. She had been holding back tears but her eyes were red and she was afraid. She thought about the explanation the associate doctor gave her in the car as she tried to carry herself.
“He left for the bank angrily and on his way back, there was an accident. He suffered a few bruises but what killed him was internal bleeding in his head” The doctor had said.
She rushed into his room as soon as she was told which room he was in. She ran in holding her heart in her hand. She was asked to go in alone and spend some time with him but when she entered the room, what she saw was not what she expected to see.
“Where is my husband?” She came out asking. “WHERE IS MY HUSBAND?”

The doctor paused for a second and answered the best way he could “Ma he is in there”
“I was just in there and that bed is empty” She said shaking. It was increasingly difficult to hold back the tears now “Doctor please tell me where you have taken my husband” she said amidst tears.
The doctor brushed past her in a race into the room where Segun was supposed to be in; with him two nurses. Toyin followed behind.
As they entered he room, what met their eyes was something none of them could explain; Dr Segun Adesoya sat on his bed. His wife could still see that look of worry in his eyes but that was not her concern. My husband is alive.
“Honey” He said. “What’s going on? Why am I in a hospital bed?”

He didn’t get a response rather he got a very tight hug as his wife explained what had happened to him.
“I remember the accident quite alright” Segun said as the hospital personnel exchanged confused looks. “I woke up and felt like peeing so I went into the toilet” he continued, looking at his wife’ “Perhaps that is when you came in the first time”
“This is impossible” The doctor said “We called time of death”
“AND YOU WERE WRONG!” Shouted Toyin. “Nigerian doctors won’t kill me” she said while shaking her head. “Baby we are leaving” she beckoned at her husband and within ten minutes, the driver was taking them back home.

In another apartment about an hour’s drive from the hospital, a wife and two sons grieved a husband who had just dropped dead after complaining of a headache.
“But he was fine just now” She said through her wailing “Oh Chris please don’t leave us like this”
While Segun walked into his house thinking on what he just did, he remembered the words of Baba Idris.
“This is not going to be easy Segun; Stranger things are yet to come”.


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