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Lately I have been so touchy. It’s like anytime Stephen says a word to me, he hits a raw nerve. The annoying things he used to do in the past that used to grate on my nerves no longer grate on my nerves, these days it feels like I have no nerves left. I just want to scratch out his eyeballs.
You see we were not always this way. Times were when we were really happy, we used to have romantic dinners, go swimming, go shopping, travel the world and even have pillow fights, lol, yes pillow fights, the kind you only see in movies or read about. It used to start from silly things like when he would ask why he never saw my hair out of place, then he would proceed to place his big palms on my hair and try to have it tousled. I have fine hair and somehow, it always just stayed in place, many thanks to my maternal great grandma’s Caucasian genes. Stephen would never give up, he always kept trying to mess with my hair and of course, that led to play fights and long kisses and long hours of sleep after I had been subdued, Stephen was a great lover, hmmm still is but I don’t care for that anymore, there is more to life than great sex.
I remember how he proposed, it was so magical, I did not see the proposal coming, we had gone on a trip, it was business for me and he wanted to come along too, so off we went to Calabar, it was at the cattle ranch nestled on a mountain, I had been there on one previous occasion with Bernard my abusive and manipulative ex, I did not want to go up there with another man after I had been wished a happy married life to Bernard by the staff up at the ranch, well that silly wedding never happened. I was not going to subject my fine self to that life so I broke it off with the manipulative preek, anyways Stephen convinced me to allow him go with me and I did, glad then that I did. The proposal… I will just call it what it was, magical.

Married for 4 years now and all that magic is gone, long gone, how could I have been so fooled? How did I miss all the signs? Stephen is all colours of lazy, all shades of dependent and I for one am tired of playing mother Theresa. So remember when I told you about all that vacation, swimming, romantic dinners and Travelling the world? It was all on me, all on me. Bernard has big dreams, tall dreams, the sky has got nothing on how big Bernard’s dreams are, Stephen doesn’t even come close.
I remember all the stories he told me, the businesses he owned abroad and all his partners, he loved the good life and he knew I wanted same, I was spending my hard earned money and he was tagging along. He had two great ride and lived in a great apartment, I never realised he was spending the last of his inheritance when we met. Second son of late oil magnate Eben Okodu, I did not realise his father had so many children and his estate was shared equally amongst his numerous wives, brothers and 17 children. What came to Stephen was more than enough to set him up for life but he squandered it. Before anything else Stephen rented a nice apartment in Abuja and bought two exotic cars, his travels covered four continents and many cities and that was how we met, in faraway Greece, I was hoodwinked into believing he was the man of my dreams: handsome, self-assured, independent and a pull up your sleeves and DIY kind of man, gosh, I was dead wrong.
He fooled me for so long, wedding bells were already clanging when I started to see the loopholes in his stories, there was never enough for anything, I wanted a glamorous wedding as a child, now as an adult strutting her six inches heels across the boardroom and closing out big deals across every continent, I wanted my own carnival with all the glamour, pump and pageantry earth could muster. You can imagine my bewilderment when I realised I had practically spent my entire savings on my wedding with very little input from my “Mr Right “. Business was bad, times were hard, Government policies were killing international entrepreneurs, greedy international partners and the list of Stephen’s excuses grew long and endless.
The kind of work required to build an empire, Stephen doesn’t have it, he wants the good life and soon after our wedding, he started to live the good life. I have to buy diesel to power the house, I have to be able to afford his expensive clothes lest he goes about embarrassing me, I have to make sure his country club membership is still on so as to keep up appearances, now that it is all gone he shamelessly demands his internet and phone bills from me. All he does is offer me a traditional meal of orgasms, so so ridiculous. He has over 30 proposals every single one is supposed to fetch at least a billion dollars, I actually just rolled my eyes. He doesn’t seem to understand that if he makes five hundred thousand yearly I might just go for confession at the priest’s even though I am not catholic. I just rolled my eyes again.

Yesterday while I laid in bed in nothing but my underwear staring at him under the covers as he slept soundly, I wondered why I did not wait for him. I want to tell you all about Frederick and how this affair started, I want to tell you about Frederick the man of my dreams, the man in my dreams and the man many dream of. Frederick hmmm, I want to tell you how he crept up on me and my angry heart, as he slept beside me, I reached for my dress, so angry at the thought of going home to that lazy husband of mine.


Written by Kamma Abassah.

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