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This week as we bring you our top posts for the first quarter of 2018, we have here an interview with  7th April Photography which was one of our highest ranking interviews.

Enjoy the read.

Godstime Linus is the ace photographer behind 7th April Photography, one of the biggest names in the photography in the south. In this interview, we pick his brain to get pointers for the layman planning to hire a photographer or trying to get into the business themselves.

Howfana: How long have you been a photographer?

7thApril: Professionally, eight years.

What does a person need to have in order to be a potentially good photographer? Is there a gene, does it take having good eyesight, or what?

It starts from the mind. You need want to do it. It’s not something you do because you were told to. It’s not just about pressing the camera because now with phones you can get good pictures. I know people who can’t operate the camera, but from what they explain to me I can see something in them. So it starts from the mind.

What kind of training needed to become a professional photographer?

The confusing word there is ‘Professional’. In Nigeria, we don’t really have places where you have special schools for things like this. However my definition of a professional is anyone who makes a living from photography. Unlike Engineers who have to study for a certain amount of time then get certificates and go for further studies, we don’t have that for photography in Nigeria.

From the layman’s perspective it seems like there are two aspects to your job. There’s the taking of pictures and then there’s the editing. How does it go really?

The main reason for editing is to correct the mistakes made during shooting. And at some point editing becomes graphics. So if everything is right during shooting, there will be no need for editing. I have done many works that went up straight from the camera.

How does a non professional know a good photographer from a bad photographer?

No matter how you try to sell yourself, your work goes before you. By their fruits you shall know them.

What are some of the challenges that photographers face?

Terrible clients, which is part of the job… also loss of files; we are in the digital age and we work with drives and other gadgets. These things are bound to fail sometimes. I once did a job for someone. I was just shooting, enjoying myself and at the end of the day when I got home there was nothing in the card. The card had crashed. I wouldn’t say it was my fault. It was a new card and I have used it after that incident and it worked just fine. I just couldn’t trace the problem. Another challenge is that the equipment is very fragile and crazily expensive. It takes a budget.

Where does a photographer go to improve his skills?

You need to have the passion. Secondly, getting a mentor is a fast way to improve. Plus these days you can learn anything online.



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