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Cheers to the weekend. That came from the heart and it goes out to anybody who needs a break from a busy work week. We are back with more great content for the weekend and we hope you enjoyed our quarter review last weekend. The quarter review helped inspire some new ideas which we will be implementing here on the blog and on our social media platforms. We are really excited and can’t wait to share the changes with you.

This week, we have an article that looks into the culture of music artists paying to get their music played. I tap into my fifteen year career on radio for this one, and hopefully we get you thinking about this controversial topic. Our usual format is reactivated this weekend, so enjoy our review/guides, our cartoon section and The Candidate is back. Enjoy the latest episode after last weekend’s break occasioned by the quarter review.

I really encourage more people to do a review like we did. Not only was it a chance for us to spotlight on the best of our content in the last three months, but it gave us perspective about where we are going. This kind of stock taking should be good for any organization, family or individual. So go for it.

I am willing to bet that you, like most people are dealing with personal stuff. I would however like to urge you to keep the work going. There are certain daily tasks (leading to a goal) that  we do which should go on uninterrupted. Don’t even let other work be an excuse to interrupt that all important work. That’s because sometimes success comes down to consistency and persistence.

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Sincerely Yours,

Ebitan Egbuson

Co-founder, Howfana


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